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Daigasso! Band Brothers DX save file editors

All information in the below sections have been collected from this thread.

Save files for this game are 8 MB, sixteen times the normal size. Several tools have been released by various people to import and export songs from a save file to and from .BDX files.

  • BDXTool - Written by yasu, creator of BBSTool, a tool for the original Daigasso! Band Brothers. BDXTool is the first known tool with the ability to directly modify DX save files. New versions are only able to modify the custom songs section. The first release had the ability to edit the downloaded songs section, but it is no longer available on the official page. NDS BBS, a Chinese forum, has a post with a link to the first version and the last version that doesn't require activation, but downloading requires an account.
  • BBDXSave - A NDS homebrew utility written by GBATemp user deufeufeu. Capable of backing up save files directly from an original cartridge and extracting songs from save files on a Slot-1 flashcart. A Slot-2 expansion pack is required for these functions.
  • DX Degausser 1.0b (Recommended!) - A new tool written by GBATemp user Neobeo. The .NET Framework 3.5 is required, though the author states that older versions may also work. Both the downloaded songs and the custom songs sections can be modified at will. Unlike the above tools, DX Degausser can create new save files on its own and doesn't require a pre-generated save file. This package includes a large variety of .BDX files from various sources. At present development is on hiatus [1].




Activation instructions (by nori2nori)

STEP1: Click here.
STEP2: Search the WEB page with the key word of "bdxtool".
STEP3: Search again with the same word, then the cursor is put on the download link of BDXTool, then you click it.
STEP4: You can complete to download of BDXTool. Unzip the to the folder you like.
STEP5: Run the bdxtool.exe on your PC, then the activation code comes up, and copy to the clip board automatically.
STEP6: Put the cursor onto the "ActivationCode:" area on the below of the download link on the WEB Page.
STEP7: Type Ctrl+V to paste the activation code to the "ActivationCode:" area.
STEP8: Click the "GET" button on the right side of the "ActivationCode:" area, then you can download a bdxtool.key file.
STEP9: Copy the bdxtool.key to the folder of bdxtool.exe and run it.


DX Degausser

It is recommended that you use an existing save file with this tool. Though DX Degausser can generate save files on its own, some users have reported that such files do not work with their ROM.

DX Degausser lists all valid .BDX files within its working directory and in all subdirectories in a very large table. To insert songs downloaded from the internet or from other sources, place your .BDX files in any folder within DX Degausser's root directory. Available files are in white. Songs in the downloaded songs section of the save file are highlighted green and songs in the custom section are highlighted orange. The leftmost column lists the slot each song is in, reserving numbers 1-100 for downloaded songs and 101-200 for custom songs. (Note: In-game, the songs are listed in alphabetical order, starting with Japanese kana.)

Inserting songs

To insert a BDX file into your save file, highlight a song and choose Import in the Slots menu or press Ctrl+I. The song will be copied into the first available slot, with custom slots preferred over download slots. You can force the program to use only custom slots by enabling the "Only Import to Custom" option in the Slots menu. You must disable this option to import into the download section. Keep an eye on your available slots at the status bar at the bottom of the window.

Deleting songs

Highlight a song in the download or custom section and press the Delete key. When you refresh the table (press F5 or choose Refresh in the View menu), the slots will be reallocated to fill in gaps left behind by deleted songs.

Exporting songs

Highlight a song in the download or custom section and choose Export in the Slots menu or press Ctrl+E. The song will be saved in .BDX format in the \Ripped\ directory at DX Degausser's root folder. Refresh the table to see your exported songs in the list.

Previewing songs

Select a song and press Play. The song is played as a MIDI sequence, so if you can't hear any music, ensure that the Synth volume is not muted (open Volume Control in the Control Panel to verify this).

Checking for duplicates

Though the program has no internal mechanism for detecting and deleting duplicated songs within the save file, it is possible to find them easily.

  1. Hide the .BDX files from the list. Press F6 or disable .BDX Files from the Views menu.
  2. Sort the table by Title. Click the Title header at the top of the table.
  3. Look through the list and see if there are any double entries. You can verify that a song has been copied more than once by checking each detail (length, lines, record ID). If they are all identical, you can safely delete all but one copy of the song.