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* '''Topic starter''': [[_ORiON_]] ([ Profile])
* '''Topic starter''': [[_ORiON_]] ([ Profile])
* '''Topic start date''': Sep 20 2006, 09:49 AM
* '''Topic start date''': Sep 20 2006, 09:49 AM
* '''Forum''': [[Testing Area]]
* '''Forum''': [[The Edge of the Forum]] (originated in the [[Testing Area]])
* '''Replies''': ~450
* '''Replies''': ~450
* [ Link to topic]
* [ Link to topic]

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Topic Info


The Never-Ending Story is a topic on which posts are made of only one word. When put together, the words will form a story.

The first posts:

  1. Once (by _ORiON_)
  2. upon (by legendofphil)
  3. your (by imgod22222)
  4. dragon (by Dirtie)
  5. twice (by Squiffy)
  6. upon (by Dirtie)
  7. yourrrrrrrrrrr (by ryohki)
  8. aunty (by hadrian)

... and the list goes on for 450 words or so.

After 157 replies, _ORiON_ compiled the story:
Once upon your dragon, twice upon yourrrrrrrrrrr aunty She had severe uncontrollable urges to indulge in tiny giants for cartwheeling purposes because they jumped on her vivid so tempting breasts groping feverishly down my anus flavored sweat honeydrops from Sony's basement which grows balls kineticly in crotch by undisclosed between seven eleven left and right. Once the fattycakes Smell alveoli turned viscous but stroked head lice without admitting that evil turtles lied about watching Yaoi blink.gif because they might cock feed your mother fucker $hit Bag that must fall now X_X. But then fairies attacked ChickenCow#5 and windbag * hit the yellow phoenix hrth that exploded grog onto tracking devices Installed more than two times two copies menstrual. And nothing suddenly happened. Seeing Queequeg's hair, he ate Starbuck's leftover. When ** there appeared Bowie making mad Cows scream bloody things. Baboons attacked the old dog with a fish stick penis. Then a bird flew away when suddenly-----