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Member of GBAtemp since 19th November 2002

Started a thread devoted to Undumped DS games, this thread has been running since 21st June 2005 and is currently in its second revision. link

Systems and Flash Carts owned

SNES - 2 Games

N64 - 5 Games

Gamecube (Purple) w/ Viper Extreme - 30 original Games + 4 Bonus discs

Wii - 11 retail games + 5 VC games

Gameboy (Yellow) - 6 games

Gameboy Advance (Purple) - 1 Game

Gameboy Advance SP (Famicom)

DS Phat (Silver) - 23 original Games + 1 Demo

F2A 128Mbit + Parallel Linker

F2A 256Mbit + USB Linker

GB Bridge

Max Media Launcher

Supercard mini-SD + Kingston 1GB mini-SD

Playstation w/ Modchip

PStwo w/ Swap Magic Coder 3.8

PSP Slim (Silver) - 3.90M33-3 Firmware + 8GB Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo + 2GB Sandisk Gaming Memory Stick Pro Duo

Xbox w/ DuoX 2 GS Modchip + NTSC EEPROM + 120GB HDD running XBMC - 2 original Games

Xbox w/ DuoX 2 GS Modchip + NTSC EEPROM + 250GB HDD running XBMC

Xbox360 - 12 retail Games + 4 XBLA games

Previously owned Atari 2600, missing presumed lost.


Currently engaged in the second year of a Games Design (BA) degree at the Hull School of Art & Design. homepage