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NDS save files

If the game page already exists

If the page for the game that is for use with your save file already exists in the NDS Save Game Database, follow the below guidelines.

Firstly, upload your file using the Upload page. Ensure the destination filename ends in .sav or .dat only. In the summary field include "Save game" in bold, the ROM number, name, and region of the game the save file is intended for (you can copy/paste these directly from the game page), as well as a brief description of the save game.

For example:

'''Save game'''
ROM number: 0434
Name: NEW Super Mario Bros.
Region: USA
Description: All levels unlocked.

Once your file has been uploaded, navigate to the game page (you may want to do this in a new tab/window). Hit the edit link at the top of the page or next to the "Save games" heading. Below the last added save game, add:

=== Save game #number ===

where number is the number of the last save game plus one.

Under that, add a line using this format:

{{NDS save|description|cart|user|filename}}
  • description is a description of the save game (use the one you typed earlier)
  • cart is the flash cart/adapter the save file was created with
  • user is your Wiki username
  • filename is the name of the file you uploaded (case sensitive)


=== Save game #1 ===
{{NDS save|All levels unlocked.|EZ-Flash V|Costello|NEW_Super_Mario_Bros.sav}}

Save the page and you're all done! If you're still unsure, take a look at some that have already been added.

If the game page does not already exist

Create the page. The easiest way is to create a temporary link in the Sandbox or your User/User talk pages (accessed at the top of the page), and click on it. The page title should follow the same format as all the other game pages, that is:

ROM number - game title (region letter)

For example, to create a page for the USA version of New Super Mario Bros., you'd create a temporary link like so:

[[0434 - NEW Super Mario Bros. (U)]]

Save the page, then follow the link which will let you edit the game page.

The following format should be used when editing a new game page:

== Game Information ==
{{Game Info|ROM number|game title|region|languages|save type|url=GBAtemp topic URL}}

== Save games ==
{{Save File Instructions}}

Information can simply be copied and pasted from the GBAtemp release database. You also need to add the following line at the very bottom of the page (below any save games you add):

[[Category:NDS Save Game Database|game title (region letter)]]


== Game Information ==
{{Game Info|0434|New Super Mario Bros.|USA|English|Unknown|url=}}

== Save games ==
{{Save File Instructions}}


[[Category:NDS Save Game Database|NEW Super Mario Bros. (U)]]

Once you've finished setting up the game page, follow the instructions further up on how to upload and add your save files.