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Ahshanul's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.

The light surrounding You

I see you every morning,
Beside the lake in my mind,
I only wish I was there with you,
Standing there by your side,

Your toes dipping in the sand,
Watching the wind pass you by,
And all the while I'm wishing,
We'll never bid a goodbye,

These feelings, nothing can change,
They will only grow stronger each night,
There was a time where I was confused,
But you made this time more bright,

I've seen it all before,
Happy endings that do not last,
But we can overtake this woe,
And make our life a blast,

I believe in you and the heart you have,
I would have never called you back,
If I knew you didn't love me from the start,
You brought me happiness my life did lack,

Hear I am, shinning down on you,
Where in the morning I can't help but feel,
A deep love for you inside,
That's helped my body heal,

When your gone I think of you,
Don't be afraid of what your turning into,
It's something new,
I see the light surrounding you.