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Aikku is the internet name of Ruben, an internet user.

Profile on GBAtemp


Aikku started programming when he was around 14 and wrote very basic programs for the GBA. He quickly picked up programming on the GBA and eventually released (a bit too many) music players. Recently, he has moved to the DS because the GBA simply lost its appeal with only 16MHz horsepower and very limited RAM. He is currently a full-time student doing VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) therefore doesn't have the time to do all he would like to.


Aikku owns five musical instruments, all of which he keeps in his room:

-DrumPower 5-piece maroon drum kit
-Yamaha NP-30 digital piano
-Casio CTK-810 keyboard
-Hofner 4/4 violin
-Monterey electric guitar

He is going to make a viola by September 2011. He frequently sequences songs from games in the Final Fantasy series.

Personal Life

Aikku is 17. He is single. He likes dogs over cats, however currently owns a cat. His golden retriever 'Buddy' died in early 2010 due to spleen cancer. His current cat was a stray but has adapted very well to living indoors. Aikku has curly hair but straightens it, and styles it in an 'emo' fashion. Aikku was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in 2006. He loves music and mathematics, but hates probability and combinatronics. Aikku has a bad case of acne but is currently on isotretinoin.


Aikku's computer is an Acer Aspire.

-4x 2GB RAM sticks
-1x DVD burner
-4x hard drives (1TB, 250GB, 200GB, 160GB)
-1x Intel i5 CPU
-1x CMV 17" LCD monitor on nVidia GeForce GT 320
-Windows 7 Ultimate