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Current Avatar

Alanjohn is a member of the staff at GBAtemp. He joined the staff in the summer of 2018. He is a moderator of the 3DS, DS, computer technology and gaming, other systems, and other discussions sections.


Born in 1997, AlanJohn remains the biggest Pokemon fan in the entire temp. Joined in the beginning of 2011, AlanJohn started to post a lot in the forums to get a 10,000 post count to become a Moderator. After he posted a topic called 'How do you become a GBAtemp moderator?' he became known to the EoF and most tempers and discovered the EoF. After that, he had multiple affairs with GBAtemp moderators and well-known members such as monkat. AlanJohn is now working in the Ukraine as super special person, and makes "blinking" avatars for users. Recently, he changed his avatar and sig because he was pissed off that Pokemon Black doesn't work with his R4-pro gold. Recently, he dealt with it and changed back to his avatar.

Personal Life

AlanJohn (real name Alan Trollgamerovich John) Works as a super-special-person in Ukraine. He lives in a small town called Canada in New Jersey. His job is to troll on various websites.