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Age: 18/19 date of birth: 23/10/92 Real name: Alexus Olivia O'Brien Sexuality: Pansexual/more into girls. Species: Feliosapien

Well my name is Alexus and I am a regular 18 year old girl, well I am a tad crazy and bouncy at times while others I am a cold anti-social bitch to put it politely ^_^, I suffer from split personality disorder ranging from all kinds of different personalities so I am a lot different to other's and I also suffer from having weak legs and a generally weak body, I also suffer from social anxiety disorder so me not talking to people isn't usually on purpose, just thought I would get that out of the way hah. I live in a town that depresses me greatly, the children or closer to teenagers tend to horde in groups, in these groups they insult people for laughs, morons, they say things about me and I do my best to cope but I am really pure hearted so I am not great at handeling the bad, oh gee a lot of negative here, errrm this town I guess has two spots i love but I can't go because I have nobody to go with aha since all my friends used me and don't speak to me.

Something nicer, I love sweets to obsession and frequently buy them as much as I can, I love chocolate but I also love lollypops and fruit gums, my favourite sweets of all time actually went out of production ;_; I also love eating in general but I don't get fat for some reason or the other, my favourite food is pizza and if I don't have any for a long time I tend to get withdrawel symptoms.

I am obssessed with japan, don't get me wrong I love anime and manga and even want to move there and be a mangaka but I am more interested in the overall culture, the countryside, the art, the festivals, monuments, drama, history, nature, archetech and more. I have no interest in any other line of work so I swear to do my best and go to Japan in this lifetime.

I have a secret desire to become an android.

This seems more like fact files.

At the moment in life I wish to find a prince, a girl prince to be more exact, I want her to be tomboyish, tall and protective of me, but If thats not possible I don't mind after all its just a dream. Sorry males but I lack any love for you since ever male I know has treated me like dirt and tried to force me into accepting Ill have to have sex with them...

I am nonsexual so no.

Ill watch or read any anime or manga other then mecha really, I particular love sweet life, drama, comedy and yuri with a cutey flare but I also enjoy sci-fi and supernatural. I also read light novels and visual novels, my favourite visual novel is tsukihime while my manga would have to be venus vs virus and my animes would be maria-holic and sayonara zetsubou sensei.

I am very strange, Ill chew metal, sharpen my teeth, play with string for hours, quote batman, make victory poses, fall over on purpose, pretend to shoot myself then fall over, stick my tongue out at strangers, change mood instantly, lick random objects for no reason, buy anything (once bought a sexual theme kampfer pillow case) Ill probably think of more later.

I also love video games, Ill play literally anything if it can include me being silly in some way, scoring as a goal person in football games, being a ticker in beast mode because its cute and try to kill someone with it, playing batman because you play as batman, spiderman movie game for bowling and to fly on the glider as greeny, dynasty warriors to kill lu bu, kotor so I could kill whiny mission... But honestly give me anything ^3^

I love history too, feel free to discuss any time period, if i dont know anything about it I would love to learn from you. I like to debate aswell about anything for hours.

My favourite console so far is the psp, I will be getting a vita and soon the persona games, I never played one before ahahaha.

Well that's me in a nutshell, shy, friendly and cute (big headed <3) Thank you for reading and Ill see you around.