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Born The Son of La Nguyen and Em Ho,Hai Nguyen(September 2,1989), a Vietnamese American,has been a resident of San Jose, California for his entire life. He is the youngest of 8 children as following: Thong Nguyen,Minh Nguyen Lien(Connie) Nguyen Ha(Stephanie) Nguyen Hien(Lisa) Nguyen, Dung Nguyen, Lan Nguyen. He is currently with Annie Pham for 15 months as of February 12,2007. He enjoys drawing, anime, sitcoms, gaming, computers,piracy, and relaxation. His biggest pet peeve is canker sores as he is known to biting his tongue quite often.

Education and Career

He currently is going to Andrew Hill High School as a senior. He is considering a career in illustration although he is discouraged.


Console Much of Hai's console gaming is lackluster at an early age due to Lan and Dung constantly "hogging" the NES, Genesis, N64, and his very own Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was the first console Hai was able to play as the others he just "watch" his brothers play. He remembers playing Skies of Arcadia as his first true console RPG and feels empty inside due to the fact that he never finished it. He has the Gamecube version to catch up with. Although he does not want to restart again after losing a save. After the Dreamcast, Hai received a PS2 from the same provider of his Dreamcast,Duc, Connie's husband. He enjoy many games such as Kingdom Hearts I and II, FFIX, FFX, Guitar Hero 2, and various other games on the console. A year later he unknowingly received a XBOX thinking he had only borrowed it. He had it modded for 65 dollars but regrets not learning more information on the XBOX scene. A friend sold Hai a Gamecube for 60 dollars in 2004 but it was stolen property and had to be return on account of a giant Mexican guy arriving at his front door. He has yet to be reimbursed for the Gamecube. On December 3rd, 2006 Hai waited from 4am to 10am for his brand new Wii at circuit city. He currently has Wii sports and Wii Play. He borrow Zelda and countless GCN games but has yet to play them.

Handhelds To compensate his lack of console games, Hai resorted to to the handheld scene. He played Pokemon quite alot and received a gameboy color from which he does not remember. He remembers playing Wario Land 3, a Japanese version of Pokemon Silver that he does not know how he received, from what he beat 80%, Canon fodder, Dragon Quest Monsters,and various others. He bought a GBA one year after it released with 9 games for 40 dollars but lost it at a beach.In 2004 he bought a slightly battered up DS. Being a jobless youth, he started looking for flashcarts. He ordered an EZ2 but it never shipped so he got a refund. He also ordered a Supercard CF but never confirmed his brother friend's paypal. He finally bought the M3 CF shortly after its release. He then bought a Supercard MiniSD with a 2GB MiniSD. Sadly his DS and Supercard was stolen in September 2006. His loving girlfriend bought him a DS Lite for their one year anniversary. He stupidly asked her if she can swap it for an onyx black and now regret not keeping the cleaner looking white. He bought a M3simple and owns 2 1GB kingston Japanese made microsd. He uses his DSL for mp3 with the extraordinary moonshell application, and plays the homebrew TowerDefense quite often, especially in his American Gov't class.

PC Exposed to the pc early as a kid, Hai played many shockwave and flash games. He tried to pirate games and use emulators but the .zip extension confuse him. It wasn't until his 6th grade year that he was suppose to extract the files. In middle school he was on his brother pc alot of the day. He did not bother gaming with modern games due to its weak gfx card and with 56k internet he did not have resources to download games. He instead went on AIM, downloaded music, and web browse. The pc was an AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 512MB of ram, and a 60GB hard drive. He played many GBA games due to the fantastic emulator VBA. He also watched alot of anime on this pc as his friends would burn him it. Due to slow internet, Hai would download roms and such at his school and transfer it into his 512MB flash drive. He moved out of the mini-house that was adjacent to his now current house and was stuck with a SONY VAIO 600mhz laptop which he had wireless internet to go along with. He now has a AMD64 3800+, 2GB Dual Channel Patriot memory, 74GB Raptor, with a DFI LP4 SLI motherboard that originally had a x850 XT but due to him breaking a transistor, he now has a 7600GT. He use the pc primarily as a download station for shows such as The Office, Arrested Development, My Name Is Earl,The War At Home, Malcolm in the Middle, and various other show. When he does game, he plays Dawn of War, A Supreme Commander demo, Warcraft 3, and Frets On Fire.