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Freeloader compatibility

Please add Freeloadercompatibility to this page.

Wii games list with supported modes

How about a Wii section with which games support progressive/16:9/dolby pl II? Divided by region (ntscu-j-pal)

Yes, I like informations like that. There is a website that provide those info too.

But we could create a list on this wiki for Wii games only. --Cyan 00:22, 7 July 2007 (CEST)

That list isn't divided by regions, for example you can have a ntsc release with 480p but in the pal release it has been ripped off. I think it's a VERY good idea.

modchip vs wii update

What about a list which chips have been blocked with which update?

Or were there no chips blocked, despite Nintendos warns on updates? -- guest