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The 3rd official tournament was announced on the 15th of August 2007, and was revealed to be Club House Games / 42 All-Time Classics.

Tournament rules


  • A match is played by 8 persons simultaneously.
  • In each match, people will play one round of each of those four games: sevens, darts, word balloon, balance (in no particular order).
  • The person ranked first in each round (ie. Darts) gets 8 points, the second gets 7 points, the third gets 6 points... etc.
  • The winner of a match is the person that has the most points after all 4 rounds.
  • In case of a draw after all four games are played, the impacted players should play another round of Balance to determine the winner.
  • Cheaters will be severely punished and will be permanently banned from the entire GBAtemp network. Cheating includes both the use of software cheat codes and physical cheating -- for example a ruler to adjust your aiming in Darts.
  • Every match will be assigned a specific topic on which all 8 players can discuss and post the results of the game (not necessarily every match detail but at least the name of the winner). People should also exchange friend codes in this topic.
  • By default, the host of a game should be the member with the oldest registration date, although you may come to an agreement with the other members of your group to define another host.
  • The tournament is open to all members and newcomers. Please bear in mind that registering multiple accounts is forbidden.

Word Balloon is one of the unlockable games, however the game is required to be unlocked by the host only; other players don't need to have the game unlocked. It can be unlocked very easily (finish Level 1 in Stamp Mode) - a little bit of training can't hurt! But if you're the real lazy kind, savegames will be provided in which the game is unlocked.


In this tournament it was decided to define global match dates. Everyone will be required to respect the fixed date & time. If someone doesn't show up on time, they are automatically eliminated. Before registering it is recommended that you make sure you are available at that date & time. Registrations opened on the 18th of August, and will close one day prior to the match dates.

The match dates are:

  • Round 1 European & African time zones: Sunday 26th of August, 4:00pm UTC
  • Round 1 American time zones: Sunday 26th of August, 4:00pm Pacific Time
  • Round 1 Asian & Oceanian time zones: Sunday 26th of August, 4:00pm GMT+10

E-mail reminders will be sent to all participants one hour prior to the rounds of each region. People will be sorted into 3 groups (Europe & Africa, America, Asia & Oceania) according to the country flag you have selected in your profile, so make sure you have correctly completed your profile.


First Place Prize
Prize-wii.gif A brand new Nintendo Wii console, with an extra nunchuk and wiimote, and any two games
Second Place Prize
Prize-nds.gif A brand new Nintendo DS Lite with any two games
Third Place Prize
Prize-gba.gif A brand new GBA SP/Micro with any two GBA games
Runner-Up Prizes
Scdsone.jpg A brand new Supercard DS One & 2GB micro SD card combo.
Tourney3 mysteryprize.jpg
The Mystery Prize
Mystery.png A VERY RARE official Nintendo licensed t-shirt by 'The King of Games' - the 'SUPER MARIO KART GRAND CHAMPION' long-sleeved shirt, donated by thieves like us.
Wiikey small.jpg A brand new WiiKey mod chip for five random participants.


The winners of the Tournament are:

First Place
Second Place
Third Place
lagman, TheStump, Tigro, lionhearthdy, whitney_christine
Mystery Prize
Renegade_R, Samutz, Shiruba, Ph1l0z0ph3r, Foxstar