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The Cockroach Man character

The CockroachMan is a brazilian GBATemp member. He lives in Brazil and works with computer programming.

The name Cockroach Man comes from a character created by him named "Homem Barata" (Cockroach Man in portuguese), he's a super hero dressed like a cockroach, with cockroach powers (lol).

The CockroachMan maintains a brazilian website with flash animations and games starring the Cockroach Man and some other characters created by him. He also dubs most of the characters on the animations (including the Cockroach Man).

His favorite games are Chrono Trigger, the Zelda series, The Monkey Island series and DOOM.

The Cockroach Man website (in portuguese):

His Know Your Temps Session

The Cockroach Man flash games at Newgrounds:

The Bizarre Flying Eye VS The Invaders from Outer Space

Brick Hole