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I'm french, 29, and live in south of france.

I'm interested in computer and programming since I'm 14. I discovered programming langage LOGO at school at age of 8.

I love video games and I'm playing since Amiga and CPC. I wanted to become a video games programmer but never reached that goal, instead I'm programming by myself some website and firefox extension (html, php, database, javascript, learning xul now).

To GBAtemp

I've met KiVan when he was just a member on a site and tiny forum that proposed gba roms. He then proposed to make his own site with the last 10 released GBA roms. I followed him to his site, and to GBAtemp untill that time.

I'm member 746, but never posted on the forum for the first two years. I started to become active with the coming of the Nintendo DS, usualy to help people using softwares.


I made two tutorials on GBAtemps :

  • 1 How to transfer game saves from original DS cart to/from G6 using Cory1492's homebrew Etool3
  • 2 Access point for DS and wii with GigaByte software for windows : How to add a PCI wifi RT25x0 based Card when it's not natively recognized by the install driver

I will certainly add the second one (Gigabyte access point) to the wiki, or anyone would like to do it ? (I think I'm not fluent enough in english)