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AKA: DS-X, DS Xtreme, DS-Xtreme, DS Extreme, DS-Extreme.
Manufactured by: DS-X


The DS-Xtreme uses 512MB of internal NAND flash memory, and does not support memory cards. The DS-Xtreme has a mini-B USB port built onto it which doesn't stick out, and still allows the DS-Xtreme to sit flush your Nintendo DS. And there's no need for a PassCard as the DS-Xtreme already has PassMe functionality built in.


  • One single unified device, no need for GBA Cart, external memory or passme/flashme
  • Functions as a flash cart, compatible with homebrew, media and other image files
  • Plug ‘n Play, no PC software required allowing for some seriously sweet Drag ‘n Drop file transfer
  • Intuitively designed custom operating system which is fully upgradeable
  • Included 4GBit (512Mbyte) onboard flash memory
  • Hardware design compatible with all current and future DS consoles, same size as original DS cartridge – does NOT stick out!
  • Custom engineered components such as a High-Speed USB 2.0 mini-B connector and full sized EEPROM.

Chipset Details

GBAtemp Review

DS-Xtreme GBAtemp Review

Excerpt: "So it the DS-Xtreme worth the cash? If you want a reliable, highly compatible slot 1 solution and are happy with 512MB of space, then the DS-Xtreme is definetely for you if you can fork out the somewhat hefty price tag. The DS-Xtreme has raised the bar for all flash kits to follow and it will be interesting to see if others can match the quality set by the guys at DS-X."


Images taken from the DS-Xtreme GBAtemp Review:

Dsx-box.jpg Dsx-leds.jpg Dsx-open.jpg Dsx-dslite.jpg

Dsx-inside.jpg Dsx-oldos.jpg Dsx-dark.jpg

HARDWARE (512MB model)

DSXSide1 s.jpg DSXSide2 s.jpg DSXSide11 m.jpg DSXSide21 m.jpg


( Modding the Mod! )


Do not mess with the firmware if you are not a well seasoned programmer, as I guarantee you will...

!! BRICK IT !!


The following information are for those who don't care if they brick their DSX...

You download some flash tools from the Cypress site if you are feeling adventurous (heed the warning!).

To get the tools to work you will need to force the DSX USB chip to boot into manufacturing mode. This can be achieved by two methods.

1) Boot your PC with the DSX connected to the PC's USB .

2)Insert the DSX into the USB port whilst shorting out the reset jumpers (located under the DSX cartridge label).


Once in manufacturing mode you will need to install the usb drivers supplied with the Cypress tool (the pc will prompt for drivers).

You can use the DSX update tool if you screw up the firmware.

If you are unfamiliar with the technology behind USB I suggest reading.

!!!Please dont mess with the firmware if you are not a well seasoned programmer, as I guarantee you will BRICK IT!!!!

USBBoot1 s.jpg




1) While experimenting with the NX2LP Cypress NAND Programming Utility, I managed to low level format the device. Unfortunately this wacked out the VendorID and ProductID to 0xffff, so I then had to make a new version of the Cypress drivers that recognised these.

2) The NX2LP Cypress NAND Programming Utility wont recognize the device till you click on the ProductID and off it again.

3) A few times I bricked the DSX so badly I had to use the RESET jumper and run the DSX updater to recover it.

4) A few times the DSX was bricked so bad that the updater would not recover it. The only was was to use the NX2LP programmers wipe command CTRL-w to put it in a state where the updater would recover it. (remembering the wipe could set the VID and PID to odd values !) then use step 3) to recover.

5) The Cypress tool can flake out on you telling you the device has 5 banks of nand, the only way out this was step 3).


I wonder what this little connector pad is for, JTAG maybe?


Nope!! this is for an SPI memory device, grab the data sheets for the Cypress parts, then dig out the details for the 'development kits' (CY3686) you will see that it is possible to substitute in a Cypress C68013 for the current cypress chip on the pcb(it is pin compatible) and move the internal boot code to the SPI device.Then you can do so real interesting stuff



Regulator with Microprocessor Reset?


Maybe clock circuitry?



ROM Compatibility

NDS Compatibility List

Homebrew Compatibility

NDS Homebrew Compatibility List

Savegames Compatibility

DS-Xtreme save file compatibility

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