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DS-Xtreme OpenSource Firmware Project - Files
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Firmware Realease V1.1.0 (Shuny Files)

V1.1.0 Launcher skin files
V1.1.0 USB/FPGA/Launcher firmware
V1.1.0 Updater application info file
V1.1.0 PC Updater application

Firmware Realease V1.1.2 (DSX Current Files)

V1.1.2 Launcher skin files
V1.1.2 USB/FPGA/Launcher firmware
V1.1.2 Updater application info file
V1.1.2 PC Updater application

Recovery Tool

Cypress Windows XP Drivers for the USB Controller
The recovery tool - This seems identical to the updater!

What Are All The Files For?

The PC Updater application is the file you download from the DS-X site to update your card to the latest firmware. On running the updater, it downloads update.txt and update.bin from the DSX server.

Updater.txt is some sort of information file for the updater application, I'm not sure what all the values are about, some are obvious. Updater.bin must contain the USB firmware, the FPGA configurations and the NDS launcher.

The recovery tool is what the DSX team give you to try and repair damaged carts. This is used in conjunction with the recovery drivers.

The exact nature of Update.txt and Update.bin will be published when the PC updater application has be full disassembled and examined.