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DS-Xtreme OpenSource Firmware Project

The scope of this article/project is to open up the DS-Xtreme flash cartridge firmware for homebrewers to modify.

I propose the following tasks to achieve that goal.

01) Do Under The Hood research on the DS-X hardware for an insight into what the firmware may be. --DONE--
02) Acquire all the files that make up the firmware. --DONE--
03) Disassemble the PC application that updates the firmware. --IN PROGRESS--
04) Create a new, "OpenSource" firmware updater from the disassembled original updater application.
05) Disassemble the firmware for the USB controller.
06) Create a new, "OpenSource" firmware from the disassembled original USB Controller firmware.
07) Disassemble the firmware for the FPGA.
08) Create a new, "OpenSource" firmware from the disassembled original FPGA firmware.
09) Disassemble any native NDS application (the launcher)
10) Create a new, "OpenSource" launcher from the disassembled original launcher.
11) Using the knowledge gained make some schematics of the DS-X cartridge.

V1.1.0 Updater Files (Shuny Files)

[[1]] Launcher skin files.
[[2]] USB/FPGA/Launcher firmware.
[[3]] Updater application info file.
[[4]] PC Updater application

V1.1.2 Updater Files (DSX Current Files)

Recovery Tool