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aka: DS-Link, DS Link, DSLink.
Manufactured by: EDIY Studio

The DSLink is one of the first DS flash kits. It's entirely slot 1 (DS) based and does not stick out of the slot at all. The DSLink uses micro SD (aka. transflash) memory cards up to 2GB in size.

GBAtemp Review

DSLink GBAtemp Review

Excerpt: "...But what if you're Nintendo DS isn't flashed? If you want to use the DSLink you're going to either have to flash it, or pick up a MK4-Mini pass card and use the swap trick. There's no other way about it.

This lack of a PassMe is a real let down for the DSLink... The DSLink could have made a much bigger impression if it had included one, and picked up a lot more sales. DS ROM compatibility on the DSLink is already very high, and it's still early days. While there are still a couple of problem games, these are nothing major and we should expect these problems to be fixed in future updates to the firmware and software."


  • Original NDS cart size
  • Support TF unlimited capacity
  • Support all kinds of DS ,Plug and Play
  • Support GBA link function and GBA cartridge slot
  • Build in 4M FLASH Saving System,no battery needed,no data lost
  • Build in updatable OS with cache buffer memory,no delay in games
  • Support GBALink Zip Series linkage function
  • Support DS games,movies,ebook,cartoon books,pictures,music etc
  • Console skin DIY,support the replaceable theme and sounds
  • By the updated of software ,The more functions will be added ,unlimited potential"

ROM Compatibility Chart

link to chart