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DScraft is a Minecraft clone Homebrew for the Nintendo DS developed by Smealum.


Official topic on GBAtemp

Official website

From the official website: DScraft is a DS homebrew adaptation of the popular game Minecraft. At the moment this is a rather complete adptation of "creative mode" (or minecraft Classic), which means there is only exploration and creation in this version.

There is hope for survival mode and multiplayer. These are tricky add-ons so be patient.


We have also a DSCraft Plugin icon for DSTwo.

Place both DScraft.nds and the content of the plugin in SD:\_dstwoplug\ folder

How to install

For nitroFS version :
- place DScraft.nds anywhere on your card.
- place the dscraft folder in the same directory as the .nds
- that's it !

If that doesn't work, try the FAT version :
- place DScraft_fat.nds anywhere on you card.
- place the dscraft folder at the ROOT of your card.
- that's it !

Compatiblity List

Flashcart nitroFS FAT
Acekard 2i with AKAIO 1.8.8 Working Working
R4DS using WoodR4 Working Working
R4i (Revolution v1.41) [1] Not Working Working
R4i Revolution using WoodR4 [2] Not Working Working
M3iZero Not Working Working
DSTwo Working Working
CycloDS Evolution v2.3 Working Working
R4i GOLD 1.66b Working Working
M3 DS Real v4.5 Not Working Not Working
TTDS v1.15 Not Working Working


Name Size Author Description DScraft version
DScraft Flat map v1.01 256x256 CannonFoddr A clean flat map near the spawn point and big structure around it to watch your creation from above. v1.0 screenshot 200811
DScraft Flat Flat v1.1 256x256 Albert X Based on DScraft Flat Map by CannonFodr v1.01, this one is totally flat. 200811
Ray's pool hangout 256x256 Ray =D A pool, two towers and a mansion 200811
ChrisMCMine's Corld v0.1 v0.2 v0.3 512x512 ChrisMCMine The best DSCraft Map with a stadion, a cinema, a labyrinth, a pyramide, a big creeper, a very flat area, a church and some other buildings. v0.3: swimmingpools in each of the houses, open air bath and many other new buildings 310811
VatosGrottos 512x512 VatoLoco was either name it that, or call the map Loco's Labyrinth. yeah, clever. Anyway, it's still a work-in-progress.

This is a big ol' map ive been building on since DSCraft's initial release. Lots of stuff to explore here. Caves/Labyrinths (duh=P), A bunch of Lakes/rivers and docks, Plenty of Buildings, Huge-Ass Pyramid, Sphynx, Flyin' smiley, i dunno. stuff. Here's a screenshot.


Texture packs

Currently, DScraft only supports 16x16 texture size (256x256px terrain.png).

Name Author Description Tested on DScraft version
Default texture pack Eld Default DScraft's textures. This texture's pack is already included in DScraft, you don't need to place it into your 'DScraft\Packs\' folder. It's provided here as reference only. 200811
GeruDoku 1.7.3 Emkay443 Modified version of GeruDoku v1.7.3 200811
Original MineCraft Texture Pack Olivki and Notch Modified Version of Original MineCraft Texture pack, Thanks to gifi4 200811
DsCraft ds777fighter No this is not the default texture pack!! 200811
LOLCarft (Edition 1) Adam An awesomely random texture pack that works with minecraft and DSCRAFT! 200811
MisaDS (Edition 2) Luigionos This is a DS version of Misas Texturepack with custom wool blocks 310811

Known bug

Version Bug description Tested on, by Status
200811 Title screen: On game launch there are garbages lines on bottom screen until the title screen appear. Same thing happens when exiting the game to title screen when hitting Start button. SuperCard DSTwo - 3DS - Nitro FS, by Cyan Known
200811 Title screen: Both screens have an odd refresh rate, it looks like it's blinking continuously with different brightness. SuperCard DSTwo - 3DS - Nitro FS, by Cyan Fixed (220811)
200811 Title screen: On texture pack selection screen, when using the scroll bar the top and bottom screen are merged/swapped (like 10 lines at the top of each screen). SuperCard DSTwo - 3DS - Nitro FS, by Cyan Fixed (220811)
200811 Title screen: When loading a texture pack, either the bottom screen is printed in the top screen, either the top printed in the bottom screen. SuperCard DSTwo - 3DS - Nitro FS, by Cyan Known
200811 in inventory: dragging a bloc to bottom line works fine (it swap textures correctly), but moving a block to another place holder is buggy. First time it swap, second time if you want to swap the newly moved block again back to it's place then it doesn't work, it's using the old block not the new one, and place two texture in the same place. always grab the bottomless texture.
How to reproduce
Try with the water bucket to see easily the problem, as it doesn't match the bottom pattern.
1 - swap water to inventory (work)
2 - swap water (in inventory) with adjacent block (work)
3 - re-move the water back to its old adjacent place : both are in the same place. (The water is really not invisible in the empty case, as you can't grab the empty case)
4 - try re-swapping the water to the empty place : it grabs the lower sprite instead
5- swap water back to usable panel at the bottom : two item again. if you select it, it's placing lower sprite block on the map.
SuperCard DSTwo - 3DS - Nitro FS, by Cyan Fixed (230811)
200811 In inventory: the square mark sometime is not centered on block area, and doesn't always follow the selected block. it reset only when selecting a block in the bottom line. SuperCard DSTwo - 3DS - Nitro FS, by Cyan Known
200811 In game: In fly mode, left/right acts like touchscreen, you can't strafe anymore. SuperCard DSTwo - 3DS - Nitro FS, by Cyan Known
200811 In game: it's hard to move out of water. the player stay at the level of the last bloc, not at the top of it. report by CannonFoddr link, tested on SuperCard DSTwo - 3DS - Nitro FS, by Cyan Fixed (220811)
200811 In game: When walking along the edge of the map the blocks are not loaded. You need to move a little back and the map will load new blocks near your position. Sir_Voe link Fixed (230811)
200811 There's a weird glitch where sometimes when you use the bucket it creates what I think is cobblestone instead of water. Machomuu link Unable to reproduce
200811 It will freeze when loading to the planety.pack, and Freeze when pressing select : GURU MEDITATION ERROR, pc: 02010ECC addr:000340d0 Naito-Tanuki link New
200811 Calibration errors on 3DS (using DSTWO). Can be fixed by holding 'Start' when the FlashCart begins to load. (Small Screens) Naito-Tanuki Not a bug
200811 Guru Meditation Error: pc-01000200 addr-01000200 Naito-Tanuki (Tested with 3DS DSTWO using FAT version) New
200811 pc: 020266d4 addr: 1b02310b After openning the ds (exiting sleep mode) Dicamarques(Tested with 3DS Ak2i using Nitro version) New
200811 (this one it actually is a good bug XP) when you walk diagonally (pressing up and right at the same time) you walk twice as faster than normal. Dicamarques(Tested with 3DS Ak2i using Nitro version) New
200811 The moon "borns" next to the sun, she should born on the other side. PIC Dicamarques (Tested with 3DS Ak2i using Nitro version) Fixed (310811)
220811 Faces disappear after saving Many people Fixed (230811)
220811 The game sometimes freeze after press start in the game. SuperCard DSTwo - Nitro FS, by xpgnome New
220811 We are spawned in a different place Many people Not a bug
220811 I can`t delete the water. SuperCard DSTwo - Nitro FS, by xpgnome Not a bug
220811 Deleting or adding blocks on the very edge of the map causes Guru error (pc: & addr: different each time) SuperCard DSTwo - Nitro FS,by CannonFoddr Fixed (310811)
230811 The game sometimes hang/frezze when save. 3Ds SuperCard DSTwo - Nitro FS, by DragonRider New
230811 The game freezes when I push select. (confirmed to freeze for a few seconds while the sky turns dark blue and back by dairyfarmer777 on R4i with FAT version) (possibly because its screen saving) PIC 3Ds SuperCard DSTwo - Nitro FS, by DragonRider New
230811 In game: Water blocks can be placed on top of other water blocks to form a 1x1 pillar when placing farther than 4 blocks away. When going in to the pillar one can just all the way up (the water doesn't let you sink). You can move out of them from up high and move back in after falling for a bit, stoping when you re-enter. (This is nice for a unobstructed view of the landscape however.) PIC1 PIC2 works with other blocks as well. Many people New
230811 In game: When replacing the block you selected and are using on the bottom with another from inventory, when trying to place it - it will still be the one before the switch (e.g. using dirt, its still selected - then goes to inventory and replaces with green(wool?) block [which also has along one edge red pixels along with "cyan cobble?", "blue wool"? and others have different color edge on them] you have green (still) selected but dirt is placed not green.) R4isdhc -DSLite - FAT, by dairyfarmer777 New
230811 In game: When walking around occasionally the sky, clouds, and blocks in the distance start to flash between 2 brightness. Seems like a thunderstorm but when you stop moving so does the flashing. R4isdhc -DSLite - FAT, by dairyfarmer777 New
230811 In game: When placing or deleting torchs (light blocks) near the map's edges (4 or less blocks), game crashes (Guru meditation error) or something strange happens. R4ds wood - DS tank - Nitro FS, by wilkyo Fixed (310811)
310811 In game: Close a door when we are inside should be prohibited. With blocks next to the door, we are blocked. Without blocks next to the door, it makes us jump to the sky. R4ds wood - DS tank - Nitro FS, by wilkyo New
310811 In game: When placing a block on any of the 5 other sides of another block with a ladder, the ladder turns invisible. R4isdhc -DSLite - FAT, by dairyfarmer777 New
310811 In game: Deleting the block an invisible ladder is on will make it visible and float on it own. Placing a block behind it will make it invisible again. R4isdhc -DSLite - FAT, by dairyfarmer777 New
310811 In game: When at the top of the map, looking straight up, you can place water on the sky and that single block will give you a tower all the way to the ground. R4isdhc -DSLite - FAT, by dairyfarmer777 New
310811 In game: Breaking a torch at the top of the sky cause a guru mediation error (pc:020284C0 addr:03030307) R4isdhc -DSLite - FAT, by dairyfarmer777 New
310811 In game: Dynamic lighting bug - have a block float over another it will be dark and then break a block next the the dark one, it will be fully illuminated in sun/moon. R4isdhc -DSLite - FAT, by dairyfarmer777 New
310811 In game: When i start the game t sometimes wiggle. 3Ds, DsTwo by DragonRider New
310811 In game: Sometimes when i start the game i can jump very high (like the demo version). 3Ds, DsTwo by DragonRider New
310811 After standby the game hang. 3Ds, DsTwo by DragonRider New
310811 Can't place ladders in water. DSTT - DSLite, FAT by Kadinu New
310811 When placing ladders then save and reload a level, the ladders sometime disappear. DSTT - DSLite, FAT by Kadinu New
310811 In game: After saving near a wall or something sometimes the character spawns in a wall. R4isdhc -DSLite - FAT, by dairyfarmer777 New
310811 At startup: guru meditation error: pc:3B6244FC addr: 3B6244FC Benon1-FAT,DSTT New
310811 When placing water near a wall, jump really high into the air, takes about 5 seconds to come down, can see all of the map. Fat, M3 simply, DS phat New
310811 At startup: guru meditation error: pc:EE090F0C addr: EE090F0C (This must be because the game was not patched, patched game works) Ds Lite, FAT,R4 (Not patched) New
 ?????? Title screen: Game will suddenly crash and come up with a command line for a few seconds then the game exits. However this only happened to me twice and I've been playing for nearly a month now! R4 and R4i card, by Adam New (Only on R4)
N/A Playing Game: All the blocks in the map will flash white and then turn transparent. This is probably caused by the texture pack being read incorrectly. R4 and R4i card, by Adam Unidentified

GUI for the map generator

There is a graphical user interface for the command-line map generator by smealum. called: DScraft Map Generator GUI it supports creating map generation, naming the maps and other options that are related to the GUI and the command-line program by smealum. you can download the latest version here: DScraft Map Generator GUI

- As you guys can clearly see, mapGen.exe features some generic malware: [3]

- For those who cannot get this to run, or do not wish to use it - you need to run 'mapGen.bat' that's included in the DSCraft download file (inside the 'mapgen.rar' file)

- If you want a particular sized map, you need to edit 'mapGen.bat' (use Notepad or similar) & change the number after the line 'mapGen.exe' e.g. 'mapGen.exe 64' The number you choose is 1/4 of the size of map you want - so a '32' will produce a 128 x 128 map (32 x 4 = 128)

The file produces will always be called ''

Requests and suggestions

Game system

  • Add map switching portal(maybe add a portal block too) to let player switch to a designated map, because there is hard to create a infinity map in NDS, switching map maybe a good choice~
  • Use tools to destory block, not tap on"CREATE/DESTORY"button to change between two action. Let player easily to notice that when they pressed "L" or "R" button, will do which action.
  • Multiplayer mode support(This function will need all player have a same map, just sharing all changes of players, mobs, items, and blocks. When the server host pressed the save button, all players will run the save function at the same time.)
  • Save the player position on save/load. (maybe a header in the map file). - Done in v230811.
  • Statistics (Game played, blocks placed/destroyed, etc...) - not essential, but why not...
  • Use another config file along with the terrain.png to define animation sequences. Each line = 1 sequence. It could be texture's cell's start-cell's end, or real cell's sequences to animate in random order, not always loop: 1-2-4-5-4-5-4-5-2-loop or ping-pong)
  • Block destroy time & animation (like in Minecraft) - pointless for classic
  • Mod system! (with editable files in folders, for example?)( Allow for one to be able to mod the game I'm guessing. -DF777) - not sure what you mean
  • Background music and a music option in the menu so we can change background music or turn it off. - music will come, in time
  • Darker caves. - done in 310811
  • Ability to take advantage of RAM packs (Such as the Opera RAM pack or EZ Flash 3 n 1.)
  • Rumble Pak support.
  • Removing all the malware from the binaries there is no malware as it is
  • Basic mobs (Creatures) such as... Pig, Cow, Chicken and hostile mobs (Monsters) such as... Zombie, Skeleton. Only having monsters in survival.

User interface

  • when we place a block of water it spreads, make it possible so that i can remove the water placing a block where i placed the water source. (like the sponge effect, but with any block type by removing water spawn block. eg. cutting waterfall flow)
  • Add a blueish type of screen when under water - done in 310811
  • Minimap - Can't do, reason : Not enough memory At least in DS mode. (not really but yeah, probably won't do a minimap)
  • Show player's coordinate (x;y;z, with x=north-south, y=west-east, z=floor-sky)
  • Show the map information (or make a menu when pressing Start with optWions to return to game/exit and show the current map filename/size.)
  • please add a custom controls (as in pc)
  • Ability to increase the map size (or decrease too?) while in game. If you need more place you can't export your constructions to a bigger one.

Game rendering

  • Everything Minecraft is square, including the sun, so why did you make it a circle in DScraft?! - Because that's the sun from eldpack, DScraft's default texture pack.
  • Could you make the clouds 3-dimensional (1 block high) like in Minecraft. - Nope, polygons are precious, I can't waste them on clouds. Plus, clouds are flat in Minecraft if you run it on "fast" mode (which I do :P)
  • Different colored target depending on the creation/deletion mode. - good idea
  • Be able to shorten rendering distance and replace with constant fog in the distance. So that blocks don't appear and disappear at random when walking or looking around (more solid/less buggy viewing).
  • have the rom increase it ability based on what system its on (can tell if its on DS/DSi/3DS and be able to output graphics as best for that system) - just wondering its its possible
  • A way of renaming deleting moving etc... Your worlds in DSCRAFT

Game mechanics

  • Enable/disable water spreading limit. - the limit is there for a reason
  • Crafting.
  • Grow-able trees.

Items & blocks

  • Chest
  • Sign
  • Sponge, to absorb all connected water.
  • Tools
  • Ride-able minecarts - probably not going to happen
  • Lava
  • Flowers.
  • Remove shadow from glass.
  • Redstone - not going to happen
  • "Simple" Redstone such as pressure plates for doors or traps in survival mode (nothing complicated or heavy memory consuming)
  • TNT
  • Stackable fence
  • Tools (Sword, Pickaxe, Hoe, Axe)

Other Links

Fan boards, homepages and such

Fan boards

Fan homepages