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This is now going to be a part, of my Japanese lessons

Unit one

新単語(atarashi tango) NEW WORDS

これ - kore - This (used to point out items that are really close to you i.e. things that you are holding)

りんご - Ringo - apple

あれ - are - that (used to point out items that are far away from you i.e a building down the street)

それ - sore - that (used to point out items that are close to you i.e a book someone else is holding)

私 - watashi - I

あなた - anata - you

男子 - Danshi - boy

果物 - kudamono - Fruit

Particle は although it is written ha, it is pronounced wa. and follows the subject of a sentence.



watashi wa Delta123.

I am Delta123

as you can see the subject is I (私)so we use は after.

New Grammar

A wa B desu.

A は B です。

A is B.


Kore wa Ringo desu.


This is an apple.

anata wa danshi desu.


You are a boy.

are wa hon desu.


That is a book.

New Grammar

A wa B desu ka.

A は B ですか。

Is A, B?.


kore wa kudamono desu ka?


is that fruit?


ok this is off the top of my head but once I can get the my text book back i will put up proper lessons.