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Copying Wii Backup Games.

Heres the basic story : I have 2 wii's , one modded , one unmodded and i have quite a few of my original games backed up to use them instead of the originals in case i scratch them (legal where i live). Anyway , this was great on the modded one , but until the Backup Launcher was released , the non modded wii had to make do with originals.

I tried 2 things

1. Back up an original Wii game with Nero/Isoburn/CloneCD etc - and i failed in all attempts.

2. Back up the burnt DVD-R to an iso file , patch it , and Re-Burn it again ... and it worked perfectly.

Here is what i did :

I put the DVD-r backup copy of the game i had into the drive Opened ImgBurn and selected Copy Disc to ISO - put in the location and name into the save setting. I clicked backup and went and made a cup of tea When that was done , out of curiousity i tried to burn it directly again , and it worked fine on the modded console (this proved that i can duplicate once i have a burnt game already) I then ran the backup patcher on the ISO file to get it ready for the unmodded machine and burnt that disc with ImgBurn at 3 speed. I tested on the unmodded wii and all worked perfectly as well.

If anyone wants to know anything else please just ask me.