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Domination is a regular of the site,

Domination was born to a Chinese family in the Republic of Singapore. He has an elder bitch(or what others will call a Sister), and 3 hamsters( 2 of are which Puddings and 1 of which is a Pearl Winter White). This young man has shown great amounts of potential and intellect, but is lazing his life away. But many of the leading scholars believe, that with perseverance and determination, he can become a very successful person, accomplishing feats such as starting a global revolution, starting a mainstream ideology, achieving clairvoyance, time travelling, distorting the fabric of time and space... and the list goes on.

He currently believes he is a superior being and is building up knowledge of politics, ideology and economics, so that he could lead the mortals to unprecedented prosperity in the future. He aspires to become the supreme being when he reaches the age of 30.

About: Data and Simplified Statistics

As Domination is a superior being, his statistics and data cannot be fully recorded and recreated on an online encyclopedia. So the data here is to be taken with a pinch of salt. He is probably far more amazing and spectacular than any supreme being your inferior mortal minds can conjure up.

Age: 15 (16 during the December of 2010)
Hometown: Yishun, Singapore, The Republic of Singapore
Date of Birth: 15th December 1994
Present Occupation: Secondary School Student (Graduating 2010)
Political Views: Liberal
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Also Known As: M.A.G.(with friends) and Cheng(frequent name used for games)
Main Emails: [email protected] and [email protected]
Favourite Colors: BLACK, Red, Gold(preferably matched with black)

Life: Road to Glorious Gaming

Domination mainly lead to a slow and boring life, which revolves around reading books and playing with toys for 10 whole years. History was rewritten when his kind mother bought him his first game console: The Gameboy Advance SP. It was then that Domination finally discovered an item which was of caliber that almost matches his. He then went on to buy a Xbox and a PS2 in the next 2 years.

The greatest breakthrough in the history of men-gaming interaction came during the year of 2007, when Domination bought his Nintendo DS Lite which was styled in a sexy and stylish armor of enamel blue. He was captivated by this console, the one he considers the supreme ruler of gaming. He first caught wind of the great items called flashcarts in 2008 and bought a DSTT. But alas, the seller was a treacherous demon who put up a facade of humanity, and he fooled Domination into buying a fake DSTT(Partly due to the fact that it was Domination's friend which recommended him the seller). it spoiled a few months later. And he had not fully grasped the ins and outs of gaming, being the colossal and titanic part of life it was, and he didn't know how to unbrick it. But the other superior beings hadn't give up on him, and they showed him the light and he bought the great divine instrument: The iTouch DS.

In 2009, he bought the Nintendo Wii, and has since became an avid mutual admirer of the company.

Life: The Gate of GBAtemp opens for Domination

While searching through the internet for information and ways to improve his pirate life, he chanced open GBAtemp. He first created the account: x.domination. He marvelled the working of this magnum opus and posted regularly. To a certain extent - too regularly. And the first mistake he made on this site happened when he spammed in a thread that lost its meaning along with fellow Singaporean mrfatso, and he gained a burn mark in his image, a 10% warn by the vile poser: Toni Plutonij(just kidding, Toni!)

He soon changed his name to i.Domination. And after a while, he decided to scrape the letter in front of his name altogether.

During his stay on the site, he has spammed plentiful, but has also made allies. The most prominent ones being the British stuck up ~know-it-all TrolleyDave~, British failure ~perverted Hadrian~, emo and really stupid ~attention whore Rockstar~ and ignorant scene kid ~Raika~.

he has since lightened his activity on the site as he is preparing for major exams at the end of 2010.

Music: Discovery

Although born superior, his potential was still dormant during his early life, and while being exposed to the corrupted and polluted media, he fell in love with pop music.

But somewhere along the way, his insight was invoked, and viola, there came revelation. He fell in love with rock music, good singers, good guitar playing, good basslines and great drumming.

He is big on genres such as Hard Rock, Rock, Blues Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, Electronica-Rock, Grunge, Punk Rock, Funk Rock, Funk Metal, Orchestral music and to a smaller extent Pop Rock.

Music has become a big part of his important life now. And he has be so heavily influenced by the talented musicians of the yesteryear that he has picked up the harmonica, and planning to pick up the guitar after his major exams, and probably form a band with some of his classmates in 2011.

Music: Mental Imagery of Hall of Legends

Favourite Musicians:
The Gods of Hard Rock: Led Zeppelin, The Geniuses of Modern Rock: Muse, One of the Greatest in Heavy Metal: Iron Maiden, The Energetic Rockers: Foo Fighters, The Greatest of the British 60's Rock Trinity: The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Bad Company, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Dylan, Pride & Glory, Black Label Society, Aerosmith Ozzy Osbourne, John Lennon, George Harrison, AC/DC, Iggy Pop and lastly L'Arc~en~Ciel.

Top 10 Favourite Albums
Led Zeppelin IV: By Led Zeppelin. Might very well be the best Hard Rock record ever, it has the most inspiring guitar riffs and soloes from Jimmy Page, and the album I feel Robert Plant's vocal skills are shown in many different forms, with the great rhythm section as always. It's also the most atmospheric Hard/Prog Rock album I've ever heard.

Led Zeppelin II: By Led Zeppelin. Hardest, dirtiest, heaviest Hard Rock-Heavy Metal album from Zeppelin. Shows the flamboyant rockers side of Zeppelin, and Moby Dick probably my favourite instrumental of all time. Heartbreaker is also pretty much my favourite song.

Origin of Symmetry: By Muse. Just pure genius. The experimentation in New Prog/Space rock done in this album is awesome. It has some of the hardest riffs from Matt, ever, coupled with his dramatic vocal performance and the rhythm section's great sense of beat. Best album of the last decade.

In Rainbows: By Radiohead. Pretty much describes Radiohead fully. Ambience, great guitar lines, and the emotional, haunting and flexible vocals from Thom Yorke. Most serious I have seen Radiohead. Many songs just send chills down my spine with the emotional angst and sadness. Beautiful.

Never Mind the Bollocks... Here's the Sex Pistols: By The Sex Pistols. Pretty much THE definitive Punk album. It has all the energy of Punk and the Pistols in it. Johnny Rotten's awful singing skills bring forth a new kind of expression, couples with loud background music, you can feel the rebellious spirit.

Who's Next: By The Who. Not a single song on this album that should be missed, pure dynamic rock that gives eargasms. There is a great injection of heaviness with Keith Moon's unique "lead drumming" and John Entwistle's powerful "lead bass" guitaring, not to metion Roger Daltrey's incredible vocal tone and voice. It's a great album, that is even more ahead of it's time than any other bands during that time(even Zeppelin).

Songs for the Deaf: By Queens of the Stone Age. My take on being stoned, since I've never taken drugs before. Simple but absolutely addictive riffs coupled with Dave Grohl's incredible drumming, and great bass and beautiful vocals(in a way). All fused together by a robotic style. Probably beats any other Stoner Rock album made, even by Kyuss.

The Number of the Beast By Iron Maiden. The epitome of greatness and talent of the NWOBHM in the 80's. Maiden takes the powerful and fast riffs, basslines and couple them with rhythmic but heavy drumming, while being complimented with the singing and screaming of the Air Raid Siren, with great range and power. Definitely a must listen if you want to listen to Metal.

Paranoid: By Black Sabbath. One of the blueprints of heavy Metal. Dark and dirty guitar riffs with that blues tingle, running over rhythmic basslines and Bill Ward's incredible drumming(that puts him on par with Bonzo). Ozzy's vocals just adds some more creepiness and dark atmosphere. It totally defines Sabbath with classics such as Iron Man, War Pigs and Paranoid.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: By The Beatles. Never, will there be a greater album from the Beatles. The greatest "rocker feel" from the best selling band of all time with songs like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band while being littered with arty and beautiful tunes like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and She's Leaving Home and groovy songs like When I'm Sixty Four. It's Rock-all-in-one by the most famous rock band in history.


Believes in Democracy, is extremely liberal.

Not an ardent supporter of capitalism, but accepts it as the most efficient market model for present times. Personally, I belief I would be a full supporter of capitalism when I open my own business or something.

My Political Idols include: John Lennon, John Lydon, George Henry, Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.

Outspoken opposer of fascism and feels some form of dissatisfaction towards PAP, Singapore's long ruling political party, since we first became independent. And I believe the first-past-the-post electoral system should be replaced.


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  • disclaimer: This article means no offense towards anyone, we are sorry for any offense taken. And Domination in reality, is not a superior being.