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The Story of Doomsday Forte

One day in April of 2007, DF decided to join GBAtemp after being banned at GBAdev for asking a question about ROMs. D'whoops. But after having his question answered, he continued to lurk until sometime in 2008, when his activity rates skyrocketed (in comparison to his lurking phase) and now he's a semi-regular poster when he can be bothered to speak.

He generally hates the Internet as a whole because people are idiots and he's seen too many flamewars for his lifetime.

Gaming History XVIII

He has been a gamer for probably years longer than he could remember, definitely before school was even a possibility. With one of his parents' Atari systems and the Sega Master System, he broke his way into gaming, eventually coming into the fold with the original GameBoy given as a gift on Christmas of 1989. From there, it just snowballed.

In terms of games, he generally likes RPGs, though honestly is fine with any game that isn't a sports game. First-person shooters, racers, platform, action, adventure, and so on. This is probably why Piracy Boredom hurts him so much, since he likes so many genres therefore so much more is open to him than most.

Console History

Atari (2600?) and Sega Master System: Unknown (in possession since before birth)

NES: 1994

SNES: Christmas 1991

N64: Launch Christmas

Gamecube: Launch Christmas(?)

PS2: Summer '06

Wii: Launch Christmas

Nintendo GameBoy: 1989 (Grey)

Gameboy Pocket: Launch November (Gold)

Gameboy Color: Launch Christmas (Clear Purple)

Gameboy Advance: Launch Christmas (Clear White/Blue)

Nintendo DS: Whenever the MarioKart bundle was available, Christmas (Electric Blue)

PSP: January '08 (Piano Black Slim)

Favorite Game

Baaaad question, though the original Meteos was one of the rare games that made him go "I MUST HAVE THIS GAME" upon seeing the video review.