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AKA: EZ4, EZIV, EZ-4, EZ-IV, EZ-Flash, EZFlash, EZF.
Manufactured by: EZ-Flash

The EZ-Flash IV.


  • EZ-Flash IV (MiniSD)
  • EZ-Flash IV (MicroSD)
  • EZ-Flash IV Lite
  • EZ-Flash IV Lite Compact
  • EZ-Flash IV Lite Deluxe


The EZ-Flash IV is the long awaited Nintendo DS cart from the EZ-Flash team, known for their quality products with excellent compatibility in the GBA arena. The EZ-Flash IV is very similar to the EZ-Flash III – except it sports a mini-SD card slot, rather than internal NAND flash memory. As such it requires no external linker device, just a mini-SD card, which of course means that your storage space is limited only by the size of your card.


  • 128Mbit PSRAM
  • 256Mbit Norflash
  • 32Mbit SystemLoader
  • 8Mbit SRAM for saver
  • MiniSD or MicroSD is used as external storage
  • Supports upp to 32 GByte SDHC
  • Low power consumption
  • Compatible with all GBA, NDS and NDS Lite consoles.
  • Compatible with 96% of GBA and NDS games.
  • The save files are saved into the external storage.
  • Real time save will be supported. (not supported yet as of 16 July 2007. No sign of an update)


EZ-Flash IV GBAtemp Review

Excerpt: "While NDS compatibility is not perfect, software updates look sure to make this a viable contender in the compatibility stakes in the future. GBA support is one thing that is sure to have a lot of pulling power for the EZ4, and the inclusion of internal memory in the cart ensures that compatibility is top notch - apart from the lack of a real time clock for GBA games, which is a minor disappointment, but as it is in no way integral, the majority of customers are unlikely to notice its absence. As it stands though, the EZ4 has a little bit of catching up to do in the software department, mainly with respect to the NDS side of things, despite being a quality piece of hardware."


Ezivbox.jpg Ezivbox2.jpg Ezivcart.jpg

Ezivds.jpg Ezivwin.jpg Ezivgio.jpg


ROM Compatibility

EZ-Flash IV ROM Compatibility List

Homebrew Compatibility

link to chart

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