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Earth Invaders is the name of a homebrew "saga" created by homebrew programmer Smealum.

It takes place in a universe that was entirely created by himself.

Today, only one game of this saga has been fully completed and released, Earth Invaders : The empire strikes back.

List of Earth Invaders games :

- Earth Invaders 0 : Before the attack (originally for PSP, abandonned and rescheduled to Nintendo DS)

- Earth Invaders : The empire strikes back (final version released)

- Earth Invaders 2 : Return of the Ghost (no informations released)

- Earth Invaders : Duel ! (spin off, earlier known as FPSonline and Orange Desert Online)

General Story

Although Earth Invaders may seem quite futuristic, it actually takes place a very very long time ago, before what we today call the "Big Bang". In this universe, although many different races exist, only two of them have attained a advanced technology and combat techniques : Humans and Naouaks. They both have their own speciality : Naouaks are very powerful and careful warriors, whereas Humans possess very, very advanced technologies, far beyond anyone's imagination. This caused jealousy from Naouaks who, secretly, were planing on beating Humans.