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AKA: G6DS, G6 Real, G6R.
Manufactured by: GBAlpha


The G6 DS Real is the G6 Team's first slot-1 flashcard. It features simple drag and drop ROM functionality, mounts as a mass storage device and presents a unified hardware approach to guarantee better compatibility and no memory card issues. It is available in 1 and 2GB varieties.


  • Slot-1
  • Usable as a Passme for slot-2 flashcards
  • Clean ROM drag and drop support
  • Soft reset support
  • Built in memory cuts slowdown issues
  • Cheat code function
  • Download play works (box claims perfect, reviews have found some to work)

GBAtemp Review

G6DS Real Review


ROM Compatibility

Reviewers have found no problems with playing.

Download play, claimed to be perfect, isn't. Some games work, but some don't. However, recent system software updates have shown that the G6 Team can improve Download play compatibility.

Homebrew Compatibility

System software 2.2B brought with it DLDI autopatching. All homebrew that supports DLDI should now work automatically when run from "My Card" in the G6DS menu.

G6 Skins

Since system software 2.3, a lot of skins has been made, you can find them here : G6DS Real Skins

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