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Console Emulated GBA
Runs on Nintendo DS
Developer Gericom
Source code GitHub
Latest version Commit 78945c3 (2016/12/18)
Discussion thread

GBARunner2 is a GBA hypervisor for DS (like Nintendont for GC on WII).


1. Make sure your sd card is fat32 formatted; 2. Put a gba bios as bios.bin in the root of your sd card; 3. Put Gbarunner2.nds on your sd card; 4. SRAM patch your gba rom with GBATA if needed; 5. Put the rom as runner.gba in the root of your sd; 6. Run gbarunner2.nds.

Compile last version

1. Make sure you have devkitpro installed; 2. Download the git repo; 3. Run make in the root.

Compatibility list

Playable-- Game is playable with little to no glitches.
Working - Game is playable, but bugs may interfere with gameplay.
Unplayable - Game is unplayable


Commit 78945c3 (2016/12/18)


See GitHub timeline.

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