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See Nintendo 3DS


See Administration Control Panel.
See Administrator.
Administration Control Panel
A special control panel that is used by Administrators and Supervisors. Through the ACP, most of the board settings can be changed, like the forum layout, badwod filters, BBcode, smileys, ... The ACP is separate from the forums, and requires a separate login.
Admins manage all the technical details of the site (server, configurations, ...). They have the highest rank.
Acronym for "As far as I know".


Refers to when a particular user has been blocked from visiting, viewing and posting on the forum. The "ban" can be set on the users username, e-mail addresses and even their IP addresses. Usually refers to permanent bans on GBAtemp, as temporary bans are called suspensions instead. (Also applies to IRC.)
An automated software client that can idle in an IRC channel and constantly monitor and manage the channel.



See Nintendo DS.
DS Lite
See Nintendo DS Lite.
See Nintendo DSi.
See Nintendo DSi XL.


Short for "Edge of the Forum", one of the forums on
Acronym for "End Of File" in programs.


Acronym for "Frequently asked questions".
Forum rules
Rules that have to be followed no matter what. Staff members will take action on rule breakers.


Game Boy
1989. Nintendo's first big handheld (their first handheld being the Game and Watch).
Game Boy Advance
2001. The third version of the Game Boy line. Featured a wider screen, more colors, and L and R shoulder pad buttons.
Game Boy Advance SP
2003. An upgrade to the GBA. Featured a design similar to the first Game Boys and could fold in half. Featured a backlit screen.
Game Boy Color
1998. The second version of the Game Boy line. Featured a color display screen.
Game Boy Light
1997. Had a green back glow light that could be turned on. Only available in Japan.
Game Boy Micro
2005. An even smaller GBA. Featured an even brighter backlit screen, a smaller screen, and changable face plates. The smallest Game Boy so far. Also the first Game Boy not backwards compatible.
Game Boy Pocket
1996. A smaller version of the original Gameboy. Had true a true black-and-white display instead of the black-and-green display of the original.
A console made by nintendo that is shaped like a Cube. Unfortunately it wasn't very popular (but still loved by many).
A web forum dedicated to video games and technology in general. The GBA in GBAtemp originally stood for GameBoy Advance, but is now simply part of the name and is not an acronym.
Global Moderator
Moderators that have the rights to moderate all forums on They have some other additional rights, like the ability to do IP checks.


Head of Mag Staff
The person who is in charge of the magazine staff. He/she decides what gets posted and when. This group is no longer in use.
Hot topic
A topic with 19 replies or more.


Acronym for "In My Opinion".
Acronym for "Internet Relay Chat". A famous instant messaging protocol. People often use IRC networks as P2P networks, to share files. Read more. GBAtemp has its own IRC network,
IRC operators are responsible for maintaining the IRC network. They have the ability to ban people from the entire network if needed.


A platform-independent object-oriented programming language. On GBAtemp, it is used for the Java IRC applet.



Someone who just reads, without contributing anything.


Magazine Staff
The Magazine Staff is responsible for posting News and Reviews on the forums. They have limited moderating abilities in the Magazine section.
A User who has made an account on the site. Members will gain some additional benefits above unregistered users (guests), like the optional removal of ads, private messenger and, not unimportant, the ability to post. Note that members with less that 100 posts are called Newcomers.
Micro SD
An even smaller version of the SD card. About half the size of a mini SD and about a quarter of the size of a normal SD card. Can hold just as much data as a normal SD card.
Mini SD
A smaller version of the SD card. About half the size of a normal SD card. Can hold just as much data as a normal SD card.
The most popular IRC client for Windows. Official website.
People that help enforce the rules of GBAtemp. They also help cleaning up the site, for example by removing spam. They have the ability to answer the reports of members and can suspend people that misbehave if needed.


A registered user with less than 100 posts. Unlike Members (>100 posts), they can not access the Trading Forums and Shoutbox.
NFO, an abbreviation of "info". "NFO" files are ASCII text files with the filename extension ".nfo". These are commonly found alongside pirate software releases by individuals or groups. They contain information about the release and other useful and useless information.
Nintendo 3DS
The latest handheld from Nintendo. The first handheld to display 3D pictures without needing 3D glasses.
Nintendo 3DS XL
A newer version of the 3DS with various improvements like bigger screens, better start/select buttons, etc.
Nintendo DS
A popular handheld from Nintendo. The "DS" stands for either "dual screens" or "developers system". The unit launched in the USA on November 11th 2004, Japan on December 2nd 2004, Australia on February 24th 2005, Europe on March 11th 2005, and China (as the iQue DS (See iQue) on July 23rd.
Nintendo DS Lite
An updated rendition of the Nintendo DS. Main features include a much sleeker, smaller shape and design; much improved LCD (See LCD) screens; a larger stylus; and an improved battery life and controls. The Nintendo DS Lite launched in Japan on March 2nd 2006, Australia on June 1st 2006, the USA on June 11th 2006, and in Europe on June 23rd 2006.
Nintendo DSi
A second improvement of the Nintendo DS. It is even sleeker and lighter than the Nintendo DS Lite. To accomplish this, the GBA slot (slot-2) was removed from the system, thus making it impossible to play games that need a slot-2 expansion. The main external improvements of the DSi are the addition of two cameras (one inside, one outside) and the bigger screens (1/4th of an inch). The system now has a new DSi Menu, which imitates the wii menu with its channels. The firmware was also update-able, making it possible to block out flashcarts through an update.
Nintendo DSi XL (Nintendo DSi LL)
Updated version of the DSi, with bigger screens and a bigger stylus.
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
The Nintendo Wii and DS use Nintendo Wifi connection to connect to the internet. It is mainly used for online multi-player and web browsing.
Someone who does not know anything about the subject.


Acronym for Original post(er) on the forums
Acronym for Operator on IRC
A popular web browser.


The act of illegally acquiring copyrighted materials, by downloading it from the internet without permission of the author.
One who engages in piracy.
See Private Message
A topic in which people can vote for a series of options.
The front page of the site. See the Portal page.
A topic consists of different Posts.
Private Message
A message sent to someone personally, much like E-Mail. Also called Personal Messages or Personal Conversations.
Every user has a public profile where information about the user is shown.
PSP Phat (PSP 1000)
The first handheld of Sony. PSP is an acronym of "PlayStation Portable". It was the first Handheld to use an optical disc (UMD) to store games.
PSP Slim and Lite (PSP 2000)
An updated version of the PSP Phat. This version is 33% lighter and 19% slimmer than the PSP 1000. The screen was made a little brighter and the internal memory was doubled to shorten the loading times. Also the battery capacity was lowered by 1/3th, but thanks to new Power saving modes, the run time stays the same. A new video-Out port was added to the side.
PSP Brite (PSP 3000)
An updated version of the PSP 2000. Main changes are the brighter screen, addition of a microphone and new UMD-slot design.
PSP GO (PSP N1000)
The PSP GO is the newest version of the PSP. It is not a replacement the PSP 3000, but is sold at the same time of it. The biggest change is that this model does not contain an UMD drive. Instead, games have to be downloaded from the PS Store to the 16GB internal memory. The screen was made smaller and can slide up to reveal the controls.
PS Vita
Sony's newest handheld that competes with the Nintendo 3DS. It features 2 touchable surfaces, of which one is on the back of the device.


An abstract of another post that can be placed inside another post. Used to directly reply to a specific post.


Users with an account on the site (see Member).
Any post in a topic except the first one are Replies to the topic.
Members can help the Moderators by Reporting posts, which notifies all Moderators.


Sticky topics will always remain on top of normal topics. A normal topic can be promoted to a sticky by a moderator (and the other way around). Usually, stickies are popular topics or topics with important information.
They are in charge of Supervising the (Global) Moderators of the forums. They are the second highest rank on the forum and have Global moderating as well as limited Administrating rights. They handle most jobs that Global Moderators are unable to do, like name changes.
Temporary blocked from making posts on the forum. Called a temporary ban on most forums.
Systems Operator. An Administrator on a Wiki or IRC network.


Acronym of Topic Creator.


User Control Panel. Allows registered users to change their personal board preferences. Usually just called "Settings"
Anyone who uses the site (reading/posting/...) is a User.


Every time a User opens a topic, this topic gets 1 view.
Someone who just comes by this site, without doing anything big.


A collection of pages that can be edited by anyone, with or without an account.