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This tutorial aims to teach you how to use this Wiki, how to create pages, headings, and much much more! It will teach you by providing examples on the most common wiki functions.
The text, images, and layout you see is created by using a special wiki markup language. Once you know the basic tags and code it is extremely easy to add things to the Wiki and edit pages! Wiki markup is a lot simpler than other markup languages such as HTML. This tutorial will teach you the basics.

Creating Pages

There is no button to create a new page. Pages can generally only be created in two ways.
  • Create a link to the non-existant page from one that already exists
  • Enter the non-existent page name into your browser.

Linking to a new page

Lets say from this page I wanted to create a link to a new page called "Tutorial 1 2 3" and in the process create that page. You would use the following code:

[[Tutorial 1 2 3]]
The [[...]] tags signify a link within the wiki.
Lets create the page now:
Tutorial 1 2 3
If there is nothing on the page the link will show up in red and the page will simply show an edit box, nothing else. Use the edit box to create the page using Wiki markup. Once the page has something on it the link to it will turn blue.

Organising Headings

Text, Links and Images