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GCOSRIP GUI 1.00 Interface


GCOSRip can rip individual GC iso images from GCOS multi-games dvd/image. GCOSRip GUI is the Window GUI for GCOSRip.

This program is FREEWARE for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.


  • Usage and Example:

For your convenience or interest, copy the file "GCOSRip.exe" and "GCOSRipGUI.exe" to any directory you like. If you are going to run "GCOSRip.exe" alone, try the command statement "GCOSRip /?" in command prompt to display the help message. The help message would show you the usage method and some examples.

  • Dump GCOS DVD to HDD:

GCOSRip supports ripping individual GC iso images from GCOS multi-games dvd directly. However, you can try dumping GCOS DVD to HDD if GCOSRip doesn't read your dvd properly. Use any popular dvd burning software which can create iso image file. For example, "ImgBurn" the freeware from which can do the job easily.


  • Windows XP



  • v1.01

- fix the bug in cutting blank ending sectors of GC image

  • v1.00

- the first release.


GCOSRip 1.01 for WinXP & GCOSRip GUI 1.00


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