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This is a list of backup Gamecube game compatibility for playing on the Nintendo Wii.


Note: If a game does not work correctly with the WiiKey prior to the 1.9b update (or any other modchip without a working 'audio fix'), the result should NOT be added to any of the below lists unless the same result is confirmed with a working 'audio fix' modchip. If you are searching for a good download source for testing Wii & GameCube ISOs see also

Normal column
  • For single games burned directly to DVD as is.
  • Theoretically standard Gamecube ISOs (from the same region as your console) burnt correctly and booted directly from the disc channel should work fine. If this is not the case, check that your ISO has not been modified in any way and is the correct size (1,459,978,240 bytes, anything smaller has been shrunken already). Remember, other factors such as no 'audio fix' or low-quality media/burn can have an effect.
  • All import backups should be tested with GCOS, as compatibility with Freeloader is theoretically as (close to) perfect as it is with original games (assuming your backups meet the requirements of the above point).
Shrunken column
  • Indicates the ISO size was reduced by GCMUtility or GCM.
  • Should be booted directly from the disc channel if from the same region as your console, or from GCOS if an import.
  • The shrunken size should be reported in gigabytes, by using the value reported by GCMUtility divided by 10243.
Multi-ISO columns
  • GCOS V4F should be used to put multiple Gamecube games on one DVD (multi-ISO).

Remember that each section is for games played on a Wii from that particular region.

Adding to the List

Use the GCGame template to add games to the appropriate table. Please keep the entries alphabetized. An example entry would look like:

{{GCGame | Title | ISO Region | Yes | No | Partial | | 1.22 | Black screen with shrinking }}

Leave blank any items you have not tested or are unsure about.

Compatibility (what does all this mean..?)

Compatibility List for NTSC-U Wiis

See GCOS Gamecube Compatibility List: NTSC-U.

Compatibility List for NTSC-J Wiis

See GCOS Gamecube Compatibility List: NTSC-J.

Compatibility List for PAL Wiis

See GCOS Gamecube Compatibility List: PAL.