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Mario Kart DS Tourney

Welcome to the official Gamerman1723's Mario Kart DS tournament! For details about the tournament (including the prizes), please go to the following topic:

IRC #MKDS_Tournament on IRCHighway ( [1]

The IRC server was changed from EFnet to IRCHighway due to issues with hosting the channel.

Just click on "MKDS_Tournament" if mIRC (or another IRC program) is installed

Good Luck! And please feel free to update this Wiki along with the topic.


Round 1 results

Match 1:

1st: Arm73
1st: [M]artin
3rd: recover
4th: Silverspn

(Arm73 & [M]artin tied for 1st Place at 31 Points each)

Match 2:

1st: Gamerman1723 (28)
1st: Reknew (28)
3rd: Jacob33301 (25)
4th: Blackhwk1214 (6)

(Gamerman1723 & Reknew tied for 1st Place at 28 Points each)

Match 3:

1st: spikeyNDS (40)
2nd: BillWabo (25)
3rd: SoulChild (16)
4th: ph000d (7)

Match 4:

1st: Mewgia (40)
2nd: Rhyguy (25)
3rd: OSW(22)
4th: FREDY220 (10)

Match 5:

1st: Jacko (37)
2nd: ness31 (21)
3rd: Luken27 (18)
4th: Colonel (13)

Round 2 Results

Match 1:

1st: Reknew (35)
2nd: Gamerman1723 (25)

Match 2:

1st: [M]artin (35)
2nd: ness31 (25)

Match 3:

1st: SpikeyNDS (40)
2nd: billwabo (35)

  • note score resulted after a tiebreaker

Match 4:

1st: Rhyguy (35)
2nd: sidneyyoung (25)

Match 5:

1st: Mewgia (40)
2nd: Arm73 (20)

Round 3 Results

Match 1:

1st: SpikeyNDS
2nd: [M]artin
3rd: jgu1994

Match 2:

1st: Mewgia
2nd: Rhyguy

Final Round Results

Final Round:

1st: SpikeyNDS (40)
2nd: Mewgia (28)
3rd: [M]artin (16)