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Welcome to the gbaemu4DS FAQ. This page is for help with the Slot-1 GBA emulator, gbaemu4DS.

Q: How do I load a ROM?

A: Easy! Just put a GBA ROM anywhere on your flashcart, browse to the ROM on gbaemu4DS and launch it. Most ROMs work with the default settings.

Q: How do I save?

A:if you use a Version lower alpha 1 (r42) Save in game first then press L+R+A+B then press "save save". if you use the alpha 1 Version (r42) or greater press the Y Button or press UP+A+B then press "save save".

Q: What about loading the save?

A: Easy. Just load the save instead of the ROM, then click "savefile" and select the ROM and boot it. starting from Version r41 there is also an auto detect function for save files (you can still load saves the old way if you want to do that)

Q: Why does some games crash?

A: The compatibility isn't perfect at the moment. You could try a different version or save type (128k Flash fixes most white screens). Also (E) roms work better.

Q: Which version do I use?

A: advirq for most ROMs, all the others for homebrew. Though you can use other versions for ROMs too, but the advirq version is made especially for commercial ROMs. There are some exceptions to this example "Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone" need HblancDMA or forceHblanc (works a bit better than HblancDMA)

Q: Why is there glitchy fuzz round the sides of the screen?

A: Because ichfly hasn't added a GBA border yet. However you can use sc versions which scales the rom to fit the whole DS/DSi/3DS screen.