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Welcome to the gbaemu4DS FAQ. This page is for help with the Slot-1 GBA emulator gbaemu4DS.

Q: How do I load a rom?

A: Easy! Just put a gba rom anywhere on your flashcart, browse to it on gbaemu4DS and launch it. Most roms work with the default settings.

Q: How do I save?

A: Save in game first then press L+R+A+B then press "save save".

Q: What about loading the save?

A: Easy. Just load the save instead of the rom, then click "savefile" and select the rom and boot it.

Q: Why does some games crash?

A: The compatability isn't perfect at the moment. You could try a different version or save type (128k Flash fixes most white screens). Also (E) roms work better.

Q: Why is there no sound?

A: Ichfly hasn't added it yet.

Q: Which version do I use?

A: New irq for roms, all the others for homebrew. Though you can use other versions for roms too, but the new irq version is made especially for commercial roms

Q: Why is there glitchy fuzz round the sides of the screen?

A: Because ichfly hasn't added a GBA border yet.