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This is a direct port of WiiPowers General softmod backup launching compatibility guide

Compatibilty for usb loaders

Same as for discs, but - Problem category 1 (IOS Reloading games).

Settings for best compatiblity for loaders


  • Hooktype: none
  • Ocarina: no
  • Alternative .dol: no
  • Boot language: Console Default (2nd test on import games: one language used in the game)
  • Force Video: Disc
  • Patch Video: no
  • VIDTV Patch: no
  • Patch Country Strings: no (3rd test on import games: yes)


  • Game's Language: System Default (2nd test on import games: one language used in the game)
  • Patch Country Strings: no (3rd test on import games: yes)
  • Set Video Mode using: Disc Region
  • Fake IOS version: yes
  • Load requested IOS: no

USB loader GX

  • Boot/Standard: IOS222
  • Anti002fix (general settings): enabled
  • Boot the game with IOS249 or IOS222/223

Known (game) compatibity issues from different cIOS revisions (waninkoko)

Note: USB capability was introduced with rev9, SD/SDHC was introduced in rev10.





  • Not DL compatible


rev 14

  • Not DL compatible
  • Might be not compatible with discs that use 100% or almost 100% of the available space on discs


Not recommended


  • could theoretically have issues with new games due to used main.dol patches


  • Killer 001 patch, not compatible with SoftChip and NeoGamma(and maybe others)
  • 002 main.dol patch ==> not compatible with 002b games




  • 002 main.dol patch ==> not compatible with 002b games


  • 002 main.dol patch ==> not compatible with 002b games


  • 002 main.dol patch ==> not compatible with 002b games
  • I'm almost sure it has the killer 001 patch too


  • No DL support, but all SL should work

IOS Reloading games

These games load their IOS themselves. For usb loaders this renders these games not playable, because a IOS Reload terminates usb storage, which could only be re-initiated by the application(the game) and not by the IOS.
However these games are playable from disc, if the IOS that is loaded has the backup dip. If you have cIOSCORP installed, that's always the case. Without cIOSCORP, you can achieve it by patching the game to IOS249 (does not work on 002 games!) or installing the right cIOS from cIOSCORP to replace the IOS that is requested. Example: if the game requests IOS53, it will work if you install cIOS53 from cIOSCORP.

For disc&usb loaders:
Some of these games have more than one .dol and can be played without that patching/cioscorp hassle and can be played from usb too. You need to load the actual game .dol directly instead of loading the main.dol there. That's what the alternative .dol loading in some loaders is good for(in NeoGamma for example, but lots of others have it as well).

Known games

  • Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune (maybe doesn't need the patching, 1 confirmation)
  • Boogie (not Boogie Superstar which doesn't need this)
  • Call of Duty 3
  • CSI: Deadly Intent(IOS53)
  • FarCry(IOS9)
  • Fate of Atlantis(inside Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings)
  • FIFA 08
  • House of the Dead 2
  • Mahjong Kakutou Club(Mahjong Fight Club)
  • Madden '07
  • Madden '08
  • Medal of Honor Heroes 2
  • Metal Slug Anthology
  • Metroid Prime 1
  • Metroid Prime 2
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Mortal Kombat Armageddon
  • NBA Live '08
  • Pangya Golf With Style
  • Red Steel(IOS9)
  • Sam & Max Season One(IOS33)
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent
  • SSX Blur
  • Super Swing Golf
  • Video tutorial in Grand slam Tennis
  • Video tutorial in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
  • Video tutorial in Virtua Tennis
  • Video tutorial in Wii Sports Resort

PS: If you played one of these games unpatched, and now you patch (IOS Version patch) it in order to get it to work, you might run into savegame problems. It's confirmed that if you play FarCry until the crash point with the unpatched disc and then play further with the patched disc that you get savegame bugs up to a "system files are corrupt" message. So if you read this because you were searching a fix for one of these games, delete the savegame or have good brick protection when you patch now!

"002b" games

These games only work if the memory 002 fix is used. If the main.dol 002 fix is used, these games freeze, using the memory 002 fix too does not help. Examples for the main.dol 002 fix are the cIOS rev8-rev12 + rev13b, SoftChip's Remove 002 option and the modified versions of Gamma and Gecko OS with 002 fix integrated. Examples for the new 002 fix are NeoGamma, SoftChip's Fake IOS Version option, Gecko OS 1.07b with the new 002fix and usb loader GX rev454+. So using cIOSrev13a + NeoGamma is one possibilty to play these games from disc or usb.

Known games

  • Burger Island
  • Diabolik The Original Sin(different reports)
  • Ghostbusters
  • Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings
  • MySims Racing
  • Nutrition Matters
  • Solitaire And Mahjong
  • Takt of Magic

Health screen freeze games

These games freeze at the heath screen for some users, mostly for people using discs and that only get 3x reading speed. There's no real solution for this problem yet. Some people get it to work by pressing certain buttons with the correct timing. And many people report that they get the game to load by pressing eject with the correct timing, and reinserting the disc when they are asked for. The correct timing seems to be as soon as the screen flashes white for the health screen. And a 3rd solution that is reported to work is to remove the sd card. It seems these problems are caused by faulty piracy releases, many people reported that a self created backup works flawlessly, while the 3 burns before have this issue. Maybe this problem is caused by scrubbing the game.

Known games

  • Ghostbusters
  • Summer Sports 2

BCA protection

When playing with a modchip or via usb, the game needs to be patched. The patching can be skipped by using an updated loader. NeoGamma R8beta12+ works for it, latest usb loader gx, most likely latest Configurable usb loader too and some others.

When playing via softmod from a disc, cIOSrev15 has to be used, and the game has to be patched too. Note that NeoGamma and disc chanenl are not compatible with cIOSrev15.

Known games

  • New Super Mario Bros

Games that don't work when the loader is compatible with Sam & Max

Most USB loaders are not compatible with Sam & Max at all. SoftChip is compatible with Sam & Max. NeoGamma R5+ is compatible with Sam & Max and also compatible with Wii Sports Resort due to a dirty fix, but not compatible with other games of this category. Seems this issue is related to old cIOS. Wii Sports Resorts works fine with cIOSrev14 and NeoGamma.

Wii Sports Resort (*)

(*) This game additionally requires that you have seen the wm+ video once. To see that, you need to treat the game as if it was an IOS Reloading game.

Games with updated 001 error

You need cIOSrev7 or 14(+) for this. The other cIOS try to patch 001 error in the game, but can't find it, because the code for it was modified. Generic Wii Patcher does not help, as it uses the same patch as the cIOS does. (for those who wonder why rev7 works, it works, because it restricts all discs to DVD5).

Known games

  • New Super Mario Bros
  • Wii Fit Plus

002 error

Solution: Enable (Anti)002fix

Rock Band usb instruments

The drivers for the Rock Band usb instruments are only in IOS37(maybe in some more now, but not in any IOS<37). For discs there's a cIOS installer that allows you to install a rev7 cIOS based on IOS37 to any IOS slot you want. You need to select that IOS then in SoftChip to play with the instruments. For usb loading there's a cIOS from Hermes that can be "merged" with IOS37 and be used by some of the usb loaders.

Dual layer games

Won't work correctly with cIOSrev14, DL support is broken there for discs AND usb. With other cIOS: For usb loaders there should be no problem. For disc loading you need cIOS rev8 or higher. And best is to set the layer break manually to 2084960 when burning. And there are a lot of Wiis which have severe problems with dual layer discs, even with retail discs. DVD5 versions of SSBB seem to work fine with all cIOS from rev7 and up.

Known games

  • Metroid: The Other M
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids Party Collection
  • Super Mario Smash Brothers Brawl

Unconfirmed not working games

  • MLB power pros 2008
  • reading error after health warning, MLB power pros works fine

Green Screen Freeze

Main 2 causes:

  • Forcing a video mode not present in a game. See region free gaming for more details.
  • Starting a 002b game with any kind of the old 002fix

Region free gaming

Most if not all games from other regions should work, the only known problem is that about 50% of them only run the in the video modes of the region the game is from.

Requirements to get import games working

  • Use the video mode from the region of the game, in SoftChip and NeoGamma it's disc region video mode
  • Some games require that you force the language that is used in the game(example japanese for japanese games...)
  • Some games require to enable the option „Contry String patching“ (in for example NeoGamma or SoftChip)

If the game works with this, but in black and white and/or with jumping screen, it's working. If you search for help somewhere mention this!!!

How to fix color issues

Get NeoGamma, and try the different Force Video mode options and patch video mode options. Note that it does only work for about 50% of the games that result in a green screen freeze when started with the wrong video mode.

PS: Most region patchers are epic failures, and cause more trouble to get the game(s) to work than unpatched

Most common reasons why some/all games don't run

  • your Wii just can't read any DVD-Rs!
  • you use cIOSrev6(or earlier), 11 or 12
  • you did not read AND understand the above lists
  • you are using "the" wrong loader
  • your HDD is not supported, are you able to play ANY games from usb?
  • you try to play an import game
  • you are using DVD+Rs and you don't know what bitsetting is
  • you patch video modes on a game that does not like it
  • you patched something else you should not patch(like crappy region patchers or brickcrap)
  • you have a bad burn, use half max burning speed and good media next time
  • you have a memory card in slot 2(Gamma only issue, fixed in NeoGamma)

Checklist before adding problems

  • check if your game is already listed
  • post only problems, most games work fine
  • you have to be able to reproduce the error and tell EXACTLY where the problem occurs
  • post all infos you can provide, cIOS, kind of media, game and wii region
  • test more than only your favourite loader
  • post if the game freezes or restarts, when it happens and what's displayed during it


Waninkoko's IOS Version patcher
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Latest NeoGamma
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cIOS installer from Hermes
cIOS installers from Waninkoko
Generic Wii Patcher
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