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I am a programmer from the United Kingdom.

My first ever machine was a 48K Sinclaire Spectrum
Then I upgraded it with a DK Tronics Keyboard
Then I got myself a Sam Coupe computer (what an amazing machine that was)
Then a PC
Then another PC
A couple more PC's
A Laptop
Another PC
ANother Laptop
And another Laptop

I also used to have a SEGA Megadrive (Genesis) and a Game Gear
I had a Gameboy Colour once
Then I had a Gameboy Advance
Then I had a Gameboy Advance with an Afterburner Backlight Screen
Then I got a Gameboy Advance SP
Then I got an Xbox
Then I got a import Nintendo DS Phat
Then I got a import PSP
Then I got a GP2X
Then I got another PSP
Then I got another DS Phat
Then I got another a DS Light
Then I got a second DS Light after selling the first one.

I think thats about it. I could tell you about the hundreds of mobile phones, Pocket PC's, Palm Devices etc I have had as well, but your probably not interested.

In fact, why am I even writing this ;)