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Pages on a MediaWiki wiki are grouped into collections called "namespaces", which differentiate between the purpose of the pages at a high level. Pages in certain namespaces can also have special properties or behave differently when they interact with other pages. Page titles are formatted as Namespace:Title (this page is Help:Namespaces for example). If there is no Namespace in the title, this means the article is in the Main Namespace.

Use the magic word {{NAMESPACE}} to include the Namespace name in an article.


A Subjectspace contains the actual information. Every Subjectspace has an associated Talkspace for discussion.
Following Subjectspaces exist on WikiTemp (the access level is shown between [ ]):

Media [-2]

Used to link to Images or Files in the File Namespace. (eg. Media:SCDSonei.jpg)

Special [-1]

All special pages are in this Namespace. It is not possible to edit pages in this Namespace.

(Main) [0]

Most of the pages land here. No Namespace prefix is shown on page titles.

User [2]

For personal notes. Each User has a corresponding user page for their own information (if you already have a Member page, please redirect your userpage there). Users can create subpages, by using a / after their name.

WikiTemp [4]

Information about this wiki; i.e. policies that apply here.

File [6]

This is where all Images and Files go. You can add new files by clicking Upload File in the toolbox on the left. (See: Help:Managing files). This Namespace has the alias Image.

MediaWiki [8]

Contains System Messages and other important content. Can only be edited by Sysops.

Template [10]

Holds all Templates of the Wiki. If no Namespace is specified when using Transclusion, the Template Namespace is used.

Help [12]

This Namespace contains the Help pages you are reading now.

Category [14]

Contains all Categories of the Wiki. (See Help:Categories)


Talkspaces are used to discuss certain pages. The Talkspace associated with a certain Namespace can be found by adding talk behind the Namespace name. Examples: Talk, User talk, Category talk, ...

You can also use {{TALKSPACE}} to see the Talkspace name. The access level of the Talkspace is always one higher than the Associated Subjectspace.

If you make an edit on someone's User talk page, this User will be notified.