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GBAtemp began as a small GBA ROM site on 22nd August 2002. The site was hosted in the italian free host 'Libero'. ROMs were hosted on various other free hosts but were normally shut down quickly, it made hosting the ROMs quite difficult. This original GBAtemp was started by KiVan. In the beginning there were no real forums, and it was basically a small website with ROM links. There was a generic Guest Book on the site that a lot of members, some who have disappeared and are some that are still with us, used to post on frequently and it was really used as a make-shift message/relay board.
On 24 October 2002 the Invision Power Board forums and portal were officially opened. Omero and Alexander, the two other original Administrators, helped KiVan install and manage the board. The site boasted an impressive portal, it was an original design and quite different from normal IPB portals, this led to many other sites cloning the portal layout. The forums grew in size and the new GBAtemp attracted a lot of attention. About half a year into the forums life, the staff had to come to the decision that ROMs would no longer be available to download from GBAtemp, and all warez and other illegal material would be out ruled on the forum. The reason this was done is because a lot of members and the staff themselves had really come to appreciate the forums and each other, and didn't want to risk losing the community they had built up. So to avoid legal issues and to make sure GBAtemp was never shut down, all ROMs, ROM links, warez and more were now strictly disallowed on the 'new GBAtemp'.
GBAtemp has gone through several revisions and skins over the years. The website is now over four years old!