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Moonshell v2 User Guide - by DeVS

Download Moonshell DS V1.1: Here Download Moonshell 1.0 DPG Tools: Here


For this guide I used Moonshell v1.1, Supercard SD, a regular DS (not a DS Lite) flashed with Flashme v5 and a Windows XP PC.

Before we begin I will explain first off what Moonshell is for any users who may not have heard of Moonshell. Moonshell is a multimedia player for the Nintendo DS. It is capable of playing music files (wav, mp3, ogg), displaying text files, displaying pictures (jpg, bmp) and playing video (to play video in moonshell you must first encode the video files using Moonshell dpg tools). Moonshell will transform your Nintendo DS into a universal multimedia player. With that out of the way let’s begin.


The first step is to download the two files you will need. The first file is Moonshell itself and the second file is Moonshell 1.0 dpgtools. Dpgtools is the video encoder you will need to encode your videos for playback in Moonshell. Once you have downloaded the files first extract the moonshell zip. Once extracted you will have a folder that looks like this:

Make sure you have your SD or CF card connected to your pc and click on the “Setup.exe” file.

This will give you a pop up box that will first ask you where you want to extract the Moonshell files. Use the drop down box to point to the location of your SD or CF card where you want to save Moonshell to.

After this you will have a window with a few options to choose from before transferring the files to your SD or CF card. The top section of the window has four check boxes, make sure all four are checked. The middle section has a drop down menu for you to choose your font and language. The bottom section is for you to choose what type of rom image you want to create. If your using a Super card make sure the there is a check box next to Supercard, if your using an M3 card make sure there is a check in the box next to M3SD. After you have checked the proper boxes click on the “Setup” button to extract the files to your SD or CF card.

After the files have been transferred you will get a confirmation box that says “The Setup Was Completed”, just hit ok to close this box. You now have all the files you need to use Moonshell on your SD or CF card. If you view the contents on your SD or CF card you should see a folder called “Shell” and a file called _BOOT_MP_SC.nds (mine says _Boot_MP_SC.nds because im using a Supercard, if your not using a Supercard it wont have SC at the end of the file name)

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Part 2

Now that you have all the files you will need for Moonshell on your SD or CF card you will now need to add some media files to be played. For files such as .mp3, .ogg, .txt, .jpg, and .bmp you can simply transfer the files to the root of your SD or CF card (you know your in the root of the card is when you can see the folder “Shell” and the file “_Boot_MP_SC.nds”).

To playback video files you will need to first convert the video files using Moonshell dpgtools. To do this extract the zip file called Moonshell10_dpgtools that you should have downloaded earlier. Once extracted click on the folder and execute the file called 'dpgenc.exe'.

Once executed you will get a pop up box asking you what video file you want to convert. First thing you will want to do for this box is to choose your language.

Click the “select” button to the right of the data entry box and point to the video file you want to convert (files have to be either a .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, or .wmv).

Once you have chosen the video you want to convert click on the “start” button with the green check mark.

After that you will get another pop up box asking where you want to save the file and what you want to name it. Make your decision and then hit save. This will start the video encoding process.

Once the encoding process is complete you will receive a pop up telling you that the encoding is complete, just hit the “ok” button.

You will now have a video file with the extension .dpg. Drop this file in the root of your SD or CF card and your set.

Part 3

Now insert you SD or CF card into your Supercard and turn it on. You will have two files listed, shell and _BOOT_MP_SC.nds. Choose _BOOT_MP_SC.nds and hit A. This will launch Moonshell. Once launched the top screen will display the following:

Shell/ _BOOT_MP_SC.nds All media files you added yourself

The bottom screen will tell you basic control buttons you can use in Moonshell, the date and time, and information about the version of Moonshell that you’re using. Use the the D pad on the DS to select the media file you want to launch and then hit the A button to launch that media file. That’s all there is to it.


This ends the first draft of the Moonshell v1 Guide. I will update this guide periodically when new features are added to Moonshell and to add things I may have over looked. Enjoy.