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The Birth

BoneMonkey's avatar

International BoneMonkey Day was created on January 1, 2008 at 11:36 PM by BoneMonkey declaring January 2nd as International BoneMonkey Day.

On January 2, 2007 at 12:29 PM, BoneMonkey Day became a week long celebration. The event will remain named Day though.

The birth topic


Take BoneMonkey's avatar and edit it in a funny way and wear it on January 2nd.


BoneMonkey Day is the celebration of the birth of BoneMonkey although he was actually born August 31.

The traditional thing to do this day is to mail all your bacon and cheese to BoneMonkey.

But he will not eat them. Instead he will make a bacon and cheese statue in his likeness, and only then will he eat it.


Jingle bonemonkey jingle bonemonkey jingle all the way!

Oh what fun it is to make a cheese and bacon statue of bonemonkeeeee!

Then a 1 hour triangle solo and then the song is over.

You can download the BoneMonkey song here (made by bootdaemon)

Q and A

Q: This day is not recognized nor observed by my county, city, employer, or religion.

A: This holiday is up there with Christmas and is celebrated by tens of people all over the world !


These are the examples provided by BoneMonkey.

Bm example1.gif Bm example2.jpg Bm example3.gif Bm example4.gif Bm example5.gif Bm example6.gif


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