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JPH is a member of the GBAtemp Moderating Staff. Profile

A Few Facts...

  • JPH is a little girl that always moans.
  • JPH lives in Mississippi, where he has been fucked up the ass.
  • JPH is a lttle bitch
  • JPH's real name is Henry Joe.
  • JPH will make you an appropriate avatar if you kindly PM him.
  • JPH is no longer a freshman.
  • JPH loves buttsecks.
  • JPH approves of the pedo.
  • JPH likes it oiled.

All I do is Mod like a little girl.

"Zomg that is 1337 inappropriate, and I want this shit on 4chan, and gbatemp is dead, because of these topics"

Favorite Positions


Consoles Owned/Owning

Listed in order of purchase:

Nintendo 64 Nintendo GameBoy Color (Silver, Special Pokemon Version) Microsoft XBox Nintendo GameCube. Nintendo DS Phat Sony PSP Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo Wii Nintendo GameBoy Micro Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP Super Nintendo Entertainment System