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JPH is a member of the GBAtemp Moderating Staff. Profile

A Few Facts...

  • JPH is a little girl that always moans.
  • JPH lives in Mississippi, where he has been fucked up the ass.
  • JPH is a lttle bitch
  • JPH's real name is Henry Joe.
  • JPH will make you an appropriate avatar if you kindly PM him.
  • JPH is no longer a freshman.
  • JPH loves buttsecks.
  • JPH approves of the pedo.
  • JPH likes it oiled.

All I do is Mod like a little girl.

"Zomg that is 1337 inappropriate, and I want this shit on 4chan, and gbatemp is dead, because of these topics"

Favorite Positions


Sites I use.

Gbatemp, and 4chan.