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Yes I finally get to put myself in this wiki! woohoo I am famou- Ahem

This person named jarejare3 is a mysterious user who join the temp on 8 December 2010, and during the 2 months of his joining posted around 200 post before going dark for a year.

January 3rd 2012 the mysterious user came back to see a lot have changed, many previous user were banned, lots of people he used to knew were no longer there. But even in despair he found a few people he still know and HOLY COW DO THEIR POST COUNTS QUADRUPLE OR SOMETHING???? HOW CAN ONE HAVE 3000 POST IN ONE YEA--- Ahem.

"Good to be back" jarejare3 the Self-proclaimed Black Rock Shooter Fan, and Also Gbatemp Self-Employed Historian.