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jlf278 has been a member of GBAtemp since the beginning of 2007. He is an old wise bard with a penchant for the gourmet and slated to wed Danielle the fair this Mayday. Dabbling in the esoteric trade of modern finance, he whimsically travels the boards of GBAtemp in search of his fond childhood memoires. Through a dashing feat of heroism, he uncovered and successfully liberated both the R4 and G6 artifacts - which after studying and documenting, he will donate to the Smithsonian. Do not be afraid to approach jlf278 for the answers you seek, however an unready mind will meet only frustration before his cryptic replies. Muwahahahahahah muwahahhahah.

Yeah I'm a dork, but if you're reading this chances are you're a bigger dork.

Systems Owned (in reverse chronological order):
Wii, DS Lite, Xbox, PS2 x2 both modded, Dreamcast, PSx (broke), N64 (sold), SNES, Genesis (sold), NES, Atari 2600, Atari Pong

Some Games I'm Playing (best first):
Wii - Zelda TP, Madden '07, Wii Sports, Rayman RR, Elebits, Trauma Center, Call of Duty 3
DSLite - FFVI Adv, AdvanceWars DS, FFV adv, Bomberman, Castlevania PoR
Xbox - Halo 2, Lego SW 2.
PC - Warhammer DoW - DkCrsd, Warhammer MoC