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Jran Sakarra is one of your sub-normal geeks.

He has written a contest winning "How to EV Guide" on a famous Pokemon site called Pokegym. (Link) Has played Pokemon since its start in the USA and has collected the TCG since then. Only upon last year has he started playing at the local Pokemon League. He is a huge EEVEE fan with one of the largest EEVEE card collection in the state. He has learned about EV's and IV's last year and has taken to the breeding the perfect Pokemon for his team and learning glitches in the game.

Not only does he like Pokemon, but other anime and mangas. A good example would be like Code Geass or Bleach. From time to time he stops to draw art and write fanfic.

Spends time playing a popular hacking game called slavehack under the name of Hackeon. (Link)

Takes time to mess around with old computers to see what he can learn and one day fix them. Also, enjoys to cook and learn how to cook new stuff. Currently is working on how to make real Poffin from the Pokemon Video game Diamond and Pearl.