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---Juggernaut fan---
"Don't you know who I am?!?"

GBAtemp info

Been with since: July 12, 2006

Member's friends (well I think of them as one...): mthrnite, Shinji, destructobot, t43026

Current avatar:

My GBAtemp Profile page: [1]

My Flashcart info

Own: G6 Lite + Passcard 3 combo

Faved homebrew: DSOrganize, Moonshell, Warcraft: Tower Defense

Best Game (opinion!!!! Don't get up in my grill yo!!!): Pokemon Diamond/Pearl or Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Next flachcart planning to get: G6 DS Real (16Gb!!)


My Imageshak profile: [2]

Mentionable Links [3]- for being there when I was done/ not started with my homework [4]- for helping me email people (Google Talk) [5]- cause its another awesome thing... [6]- for making rizzad flashcarts [7]- for being a worthy adversary [8]- letting waste their space! :P [9]- yes, it gets listed twice! :D