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KingdomBlade is a member of GBAtemp that joined in April 24, 2009 and continues to be active up until now. He's kinda weird.

GBAtemp Profile

Personal Life

KingdomBlade lives in the third-world country known as The Philippines. Unlike common stereotypes, no, I do not live on the street. We have electricity, and houses, and we also have modern technology. In fact, gaming is abnormally common here, even to lower class. Most especially the Warcraft III map known as Defense of the Ancients. Everyone fucking plays it in this place, yet I don't really like it.

I am an extreme extrovert, as shown in every personality test I have taken. I'm also very outspoken, loud, sometimes obnoxious yet nice to the point that I help my mortal enemy with his homework. (I seriously do that) I have somewhat of a temper yet I can control it to an extent now. I'm sort of effeminate. I also laugh very much. So much that I almost never listens to anything in class.

Speaking of class, I do quite well in school work. I'm particularly good at Math and English, although I kinda fail when it comes to my own language. Filipino is definitely not my strong point. Neither is sports. I seriously suck at that due to my asthma and my weak coordination and balance. I don't even watch sports that much, except for maybe Curling. (because it's funny to me)

Er, here's a small bio thing to tide away my lack of things to say.


Age: 14
Hometown: Marikina City, Philippines
Date of Birth: December 8, 1996
Occupation: High School Student
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religious Views: Secular Humanist
Also Known As: KiBl, KayBee, KB, Blade, Vann (IRL)
E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Favorite Color: Red, Black, Blue
Personality: ENFP (extraversion, intuition, feeling, perception)



I consider myself to decently knowledgeable in movies. Watching them is one of my passions, as big as gaming and reading. I watch a lot of them and I make it a point to remember and make at least a note or mini-review of each movie I watch. I'm quite open to different genres and styles. I consider critic Roger Ebert and film maker Stanley Kubrick to be two of my idols. Here's a small top 10 list of my faves.

1. Schindler's List
2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3. Citizen Kane
4. 2001: A Space Odyssey
5. Spirited Away
6. Vertigo
7. The Godfather I and II (can't break the two apart)
8. Rocky
9. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
10. The Silence of the Lambs


Games. I love video games. IIRC my first game was Pokemon Red, and my first console was the original black and white Gameboy. It was so fun to play that now I wear glasses. I don't really own that many consoles at all, and I don't think I've played enough games to really have a proper opinion of my favorites. However, I'll still post this small top 10 list of my favorite games just to have something to post in this part.

1. Final Fantasy VI
2. Pokemon G/S/C
3. Braid
4. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
5. Half Life
6. Abe's Odyssey
7. Ace Attorney
8. Portal
9. Civilization IV
10. Kingdom Hearts 2


I'm a pretty quick reader and I absolutely adore reading. It improves my vocabulary and it passes time a lot. There's around 1000 e-books on my laptop and I visit the library nearly everyday. Books and writings are love. Here's my 5 fave books.

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events series
2. The Shining
3. When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops
4. Great Expectations
5. Les Miserables


I'm not that well versed in music, but I can say that from what I have listened, my favorite artist would be either Yellowcard or Muse. I can't really make a big list at the moment, but perhaps when I have listened to more artists I can. My recent fave is Placebo. Here's a top 5.

1. Muse
2. Yellowcard
3. Michael Jackson
4. The Beatles
5. U2


I discovered GBAtemp when trying to make my TTDS work better. I haven't registered at that point yet. I decided to install YSMenu and it worked great. After that I decided to try my hand at joining and doing shit here. If I recall correctly, my first post was this.

My First Post

Yes, it was a topic. And yes, it was a mini-guide. It had Engrish and a ton of spelling mistakes but you have to admit, this is pretty good for a first post by a (at that time) 12 year old. I mean, sure after that, I went on a spamathon and decided to post a bunch of useless crap, but it was a start.

At first my username was "justtrying" since that was my normal username. However, being the KH fanboy that I used to be I decided to change it to KingdomBlade. That is the name that you see today. I changed it to Blade, and Crackblade, but this is probably the best for now.

Being the new member that I was, I was fascinated by all of the homebrew and things that kept coming out. At that point, I saw that there was already a Moonshell 2. Of course I couldn't make it work at first, but I did a little digging and saw Densetsu's thread. After I figured it out, I decided to make a few decent wallpapers for my Moonshell. After a few days, Rockstar decided to come up with the Moonshell 2 Wallpaper request thread. And I decided I would join him. And that was how I got my first actual "Temp Friend".

Eventually, I decided that a good resource for Moonshell 2 related information was necessary due to the initial popularity of it. In that matter, I decided to make the (currently outdated) Moonshell 2 FAQ. It was a pretty large and tiring endeavor but eventually, I managed to complete it and update it regularly. (until I just stopped) I also decided to go into MS2 skin making for a little while.

After those events, IIRC I took a break from Temp for a few months or weeks, and then I found myself come back to it eventually. Right now, I'm still incredibly active and I still contribute all that I can to the Temp. I write a couple of reviews, some tutorials, guides, indexes and such.

Temp Stuff





Here's a collection of some short stories I wrote. I really like writing things, so I might as well post them up here.

Beacon of Light
I found myself walking in the darkness. I knew this was a dream, but I resisted pinching myself. It felt so nice to be alone in my thoughts. No one to bother me, no one to scream my name repeatedly to go down for dinner, no one to stalk my cellphone so constantly that I was forced to shut down my phone for the night. No one. Just me, walking along this empty road, feeling blind, without a shed of light in sight.

From the distance, there was a small glimpse of light moving left to right. As I neared it, the light was getting bigger and bigger. I felt a strange heat starting to engulf me. In a short while, I was next to a gigantic lighthouse, waving around its light back and forth and shining it at me. It was too bright here. I had to go away. I ran, my footsteps making little noises. I didn't want to see light. I needed to be alone, to find peace within myself.

As I was walking through the darkness, I felt peace again. I felt relaxed as I began to walk slowly. Everything seemed still, I felt much more blind to everything. It felt nice to not have a care in the world.

For some odd reason, I heard the faint sound of an ocean nearby. Ignoring it, I continued to wander around in the darkness. I suddenly felt my footsteps get slower, as if something was pushing against it. And in a moment, water splashed against me. I knew I couldn't swim so I tried to run away, but I didn't know where I was going. I walked into the wave and gasped to try and get my breath. I was desperate for air. Everything was disappearing. Suddenly, I heard the voice of an angel.

"Wake up! Time for breakfast!"

Her voice saved me from death.

I Don't Want Her to Get Bored
A little boy's big sister recently passed away due to leukemia. The two used to be very close. The boy was not really aware of what was currently happening, and thus, continued playing on his video game device. He thought his big sister just went somewhere.

Even during the burial, he continued to play the video game device, not shedding one tear or saying on word. Some people considered this boy inconsiderate or unsympathetic. Still, the boy didn't even look up from his device.

The body was being laid down in the hole, when the little boy suddenly looked up from his game, walked past the crowds of grieving people, and placed the device in the hole with the body. The people were confused as to why he did that.

His mother asked him, "Why did you do that?". He replied, "I didn't want her to get bored when she woke up."