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Revision as of 12:51, 6 April 2008 by ThaiGrocer (talk | contribs)

   * changed: updated devkitARM and associated libraries to r21
   * fixed: STOP opcode (fixes Konami Collection 2 JP & 4 JP)
   * fixed: found and reverted patch that caused problem with pumpkin level in Mario Land 2
   * fixed: another change in interrupt handling to fix Monster Rancher Explorer
   * fixed: palette change effects
   * fixed: interrupt enable register, fixes graphic glitches in Pokemon Pinball and Donkey Kong
   * fixed: DAA opcode flags
   * added: Super GameBoy borders and coloring support
   * added: rumble emulation with slot 2 rumble pak
   * added: menu
   * added: green color scheme for classic gb
   * added: configurable x/y key functions
   * added: save states

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