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Native PS Vita Exploits ePSP Exploits ePS1 Exploits

Native PS Vita Exploits

Title Description Author Supported System Versions Thread Download/Source
HENkaku Perhaps now the most-definitive native Vita exploit, HENkaku enables you to almost completely 'unlock' your Vita and install native PS Vita homebrew applications, games, and backups straight onto the LiveArea screen via VitaShell/MolecularShell. You must reinstall the exploit on every reboot via the Web Browser application (go to or alternatively, the Email Application (you must run HENkaku via Web browser then install the offline installer via the OfflineInstaller) Team Molecule 3.60 Thread Official Website; install via here git
taiHENkaku/taiHEN A newer version of the original HENkaku exploit, taiHENkaku unlocks access to the creation of kernel-level plugins, such as Adrenaline (see here). Yifan Lu, one of the main authors of the taiHEN framework, now recommends these latest taiHEN releases over the normal HENkaku releases. Yifan_Lu

(and possibly the rest of Team Molecule?)

3.60 Official Website; install via here git
Rejuvenate A native homebrew solution for lower-firmware Vitas, but with big limitations. (Maintaining PSM license; always having to execute homebrew via PC all the time). You can install Rejuvenate by setting up PSM Plus (see link on the far right for the setup website) and download homebrew in the .velf format.

Note that support for Rejuvenate has fully dropped, and is no longer maintained by the developers or the community. Cannot be installed on 3.52 or up.

Yifan_Lu 3.00-3.51 Hackinformer PSMPlus installation page git

ePSP Exploits

Title Description Author Supported System Versions Thread Download/Source
Adrenaline A newer ePSP exploit developed by TheFloW, which brings together the ePSP mode and Native mode to enable more useful and unique plugins (e.g. Using the right stick for camera movement in certain PSP games). It is exactly like TN-V, however you install the 6.61 files instead of the 6.60 files.

Due to Adrenaline being in the form of a kernel plugin, you must first have taiHENkaku installed to install and run this; the original HENkaku will not work.

TheFloW 3.60 Tom Bombadildo's guide to installing Adrenaline 6.61
TN-V An ePSP CFW for the PS Vita; designed to run the 6.60 PSP XMB and launch PSP ISOs and homebrews. Old PSP plugins are also supported. Total_Noob 1.00-3.55 Guide tailored for 1.00-3.55, Guide tailored for 3.00-3.52 (using mail exploit)
ARK Another PSP eCFW, written by Team Pro, which allows for PSP ISO loading and homebrews. Requires a custom menu of your choice to run on, just like VHBL (see below) Team Pro 3.00-3.55 Installation guide
VHBL Not classed as an eCFW, VHBL allows you to launch PSP homebrews and homebrew games easily through a custom menu of your choosing. Does not load PSP ISOs! 3.00-3.60; 3.61 supported so long as you setup VHBL bubble on a lower FW before updating. Installation Guide (For setting up a LiveArea bubble)

ePS1 Exploits

Title Description Author Supported System Versions Thread Download/Source
PSOneLoader A PS1 ISO loader which can run PS1 games at full-speed, with proper sound support. You must have purchased Tekken 2 or XS Moto/Sports Superbike 2 to run this exploit. Total_Noob, qwikrazor87, Acid_Snake 3.18 Installation guide