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This is a general list of all homebrew applications available for the Sony PlayStation Vita. Feel free to edit this list if you notice anything missing.

Applications Games Emulators Demos Exploits


Game Engines Shells System Tools Utilities Other Applications

Game Engines

Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
EasyRPG player a port of EasyRPG Player a player for all the RPG Maker 2k and 2k3 games Rinnegatamante Thread
RayCast3D Engine 3D Game Engine for Lua Player Plus Vita, it's used for developing games Rinnegatamante Thread git


Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
VitaShell molecularShell is a rebranded VitaShell 0.7, no need to install this separately TheFloW git
VitaShell Theme Manager A GUI to apply themes for the VitaShell, themes are readed from ux0:VitaShell/theme/ MEGA
VitaShell themes/translation repo Themes and translations for VitaShell xy2_/xy2iii git

System Tools

Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
AccountSwitcher Program to swap PSN accounts on a single SD card, allows multiple accounts on one memorycard (alway only one active) pendor Wololo
memcardswap Allows to put memorycards in Vitas/PSTVs with other accounts than used for the memorycard without formating, everything it does is deleteing ux0:/id.dat SMOKE git
History Deleter Deletes the Vita game and error history, not only for paranoid people :) restart the Vita directly after executing this KanadeEngel via Twitter
molecularShell Disguisers MolecularShells which spoof to be a Vita game and free param.sfo's, this is only for the paranoid people ;) dont forget to delete history and errorlog after installing. TerraCadenceRedux MEGA
Mini Settings the Mini Settings program that you can't find in 3.60 anymore MEGA
PKG Installer 2.0 Installs pkgs data which is different from the old pkg format. You should consider to use ☆Package Installer v2 instant of this SilicaAndPina Official website
VitaToolbox Functions: Swap X/O Button, swap memory card, delete history of started programs and error log, display information about your Vita and more Mediafire
vita-idu allows to enable/disable demo mode, it can be used for various things like installing the old pkg's.If you don't know what you do you can be stucked in demo mode xyz git
VitaRW gives read and write access to all partitions, I really hope I don't have to warn you here... TomTomDu80 git
uriCaller a fast and easy-to-use program for calling URIs on your Vita Freakler git
RegistryEditor Simple app that allows you to read and edit all registry settings in an organized manner some1psv git
maidump It allows you to dump your games and install dumps made with this tool. It's in chinese. BeniYukiMai Chinese releases English releases
SafeDump Enables safe mode for all vpks in a folder. Also known as -s flag, 0x80 safe mode or that-kind-of-vpks-that-don't-have-this-annoying-neg-in-VitaShell MPTSakurada git


Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
FTPVita An FTP server Xerpi PSX-Place
Vita-Moddump allows to dump some PS Vita shared modules xyz Release git
VitaDump Fork A fork of vita-modump, see one line above zecoxao Release git
VitaPad Allows to use your Vita as Gamepad, supports Windows, support for OSX and Linux are upcoming Rinnegatamante Thread git
HENKaku Offline Installer Used to install HENKaku without internet access Various authors git
Vita Button Swapper For swapping the X and O button. This is useful because japanese Vitas use X for cancle and O for confirm xyz git
Vita-Moonlight Allows streaming from PC (Moonlight) to Vita, early version xyz git
VitaCID outputs the ConsoleID (IDPS and PSID) to ux0:CID.bin, can be used for activating Vita on 3.60 TomTomDu80 git
VitaActivator can be used for activating your Vita without needing to acces PSN. Be aware you give out your login details, even though I honestly don't think the author would want to harvest people's login details in the first place... ZombieWizzard git
Settings+ Add setting options to your already installed settings program TheFloW git

Other Applications

Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
VITAident Display information about your PS Vita Joel16 git
Lua Player Plus Vita Interpreter for the script language Lua. Needed for executing Lua scripts Rinnegatamante Thread git
Reboot Shortcut It reboots your Vita, from luck Wololo
PSVIdent Another program which can display information about your PS Vita Mediafire
Simple Text Editor a text editor jakibaki, D-VAmpire Wololo /talk Thread's first post
PSID Dumper In the light of the Vitamin leak it seems to be necessary again... Protect your programs from running on Vitas not made for your release SMOKE git
QuickInstaller A nice tool if you want to fast install a bunch of vpks at once. Useful e.g. for RetroArch releases NunaticAlumina git


First-Person Shooters Puzzle Board Games and Card Games Other Games

First-Person Shooters

Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
vitaWolfen Wolfenstein 3D port Rinnegatamante Thread git
vitaQuake Quake I port Rinnegatamante Thread git
Doom The original Doom WAD files are needed, its illegal to download them from the internet even when they are so small and easy to find MrNetrix, xyz git
vitaHexenII HexenII port Rinnegatamante Thread git


Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
Numpty Physics for Vita A physics based game, Numpty Physics is a clone of Crayon Physics while this is a port of Numpty Physics Meetpatty git
BreakVeetOut A BreakOut clone Ruben_Wolfe Haxxey
PSP2048 A 2048 clone, there is a 2048-PSP.vpk in the folder dots-tb git
Flood-it! A game where you have to flood the whole game board with one color in less than the allowed steps NotNotMe git
Milie Tetris a black and white (and yellow) Tetris clone, simple and straight Tetris fun Guidobot Mediafire
VitaSudoku a Sudoku game, can have multiple solutions, could be without solution (rare) Rinnegatamante Thread
doggytwicevt It's a variation of Lights-Out leestorm via Official Website
Minesweeper A minesweeper clone leestorm via Official Website

Board Games and Card Games

Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
ReverseMe An Othello Clone TheFloW, ported by Voxel Studios Post
4Rows A Connect-4 Clone Rinnegatamante Thread
BattleShipArena A battleship game DesiRED74 git
SpiderVita A Spider Solitaire game for the PS Vita leestorm via Official Website

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