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First-Person Shooters Puzzle Board Games and Card Games Other Games

First-Person Shooters

Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
vitaWolfen Wolfenstein 3D port Rinnegatamante Thread git
vitaQuake Quake I port Rinnegatamante Thread git
Doom The original Doom WAD files are needed, its illegal to download them from the internet even when they are so small and easy to find MrNetrix, xyz git
vitaHexenII HexenII port Rinnegatamante Thread git


Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
Numpty Physics for Vita A physics based game, Numpty Physics is a clone of Crayon Physics while this is a port of Numpty Physics Meetpatty git
BreakVeetOut A BreakOut clone Ruben_Wolfe Haxxey
PSP2048 A 2048 clone, there is a 2048-PSP.vpk in the folder dots-tb git
Flood-it! A game where you have to flood the whole game board with one color in less than the allowed steps NotNotMe git
Milie Tetris a black and white (and yellow) Tetris clone, simple and straight Tetris fun Guidobot Mediafire
VitaSudoku a Sudoku game, can have multiple solutions, could be without solution (rare) Rinnegatamante Thread
doggytwicevt It's a variation of Lights-Out leestorm via Official Website
Minesweeper A minesweeper clone leestorm via Official Website

Board Games and Card Games

Title Description Author Thread Download/Source
ReverseMe An Othello Clone TheFloW, ported by Voxel Studios Post
4Rows A Connect-4 Clone Rinnegatamante Thread
BattleShipArena A battleship game DesiRED74 git
SpiderVita A Spider Solitaire game for the PS Vita leestorm via Official Website